• Apple’s Gag Order and It’s Government Information Requests

    Apple has decided to fight (although not strictly transgress, obviously) the “gag order” placed on it by the US Government to prevent particular details of their information requests becoming public. The tech giant has published a certain amount of information […]

  • Pope Turns “Bishop of Bling”‘s Mansion Into Soup Kitchen

    We didn’t think we’d ever utter words to this effect, but we kinda love Liberal Pope! It may all be a clever ruse to fool non-Catholics and Vatican-objectors into quiet concession, but does it really matter? So long as Pop […]

  • Crimes Against Fashion…And Tigers

    Chessington World of Adventures has banned animal print. And in a move that beggars belief, but is worth it for the comedy value, they’ve even hired official Animal Print Bouncers… whose mission in life is to seek out breachers of […]

  • The Breaking Bad Rehab Scholarship

    It’s a show that’s rocked a generation, sure. The latest episode of Breaking Bad to air, ‘Ozymandias’, has bowled over even the snootiest of television reviewers. It’s good viewing, nobody is denying that. But it’s inspired some pretty weird behaviour from the […]

  • Nearly 25% Men Admit to Rape in Asia

    A statistic that beggars belief. Firstly, and most obviously, because rape is an inherently abhorrent concept. Secondly, because if 23 per cent of men in the Asia Pacific area feel ready to admit it, imagine how many guilty others are […]

  • A Congressional Time Bomb – Obama, Syria and Signing His Own Death Warrant

    News broke this morning that Obama has decided to push back the Congressional vote on Syria, to explore “all avenues of diplomatic resolution.” Thanks to Russia’s get-out-of-jail-free card, which took the form of a promised negotiation with Bashar al-Assad to […]

  • A Little Tweet to Fell a Bigger Bird

    All hail Hasan Syed, this week’s victor supreme in the micro-blogging sphere. Or is he? Syed is being touted as something of an ingenue after deciding to pay to promote his rather simple series of tweets condemning British Airways for […]

  • Britain Imagined: If BoJo Was PM

    Boris Johnson is the political equivalent of the Sugababes – not even a nuclear holocaust could stop him. This is a man who has survived PR calamities that would have obliterated any other politician – it’s pretty tough to imagine […]

  • Pixies: Indie Cindy Returns To Glory

    So, the Pixies are back. Totally didn’t notice that one. Perhaps it’s because when a beloved band who reached their peak well over twenty years ago stage a comeback, history has taught you instinctively to grit your teeth and prepare […]

  • Egypt Court Orders Mubarak’s Release

    Hosni Mubarak, former President of Egypt, will be released on bail pending the corruption case against him. He could be released as soon as this Thursday. He still faces charges of “complicity” in the killing of protesters during the 2011 […]