• 3 ways tech is changing the world of Journalism

    1. Verification of Stories As we’ve seen over the last few years, social media and in particular Twitter can now provide people with an instant update and running commentary on newsworthy events. The problem that can arise with this however, is […]

  • AskMen’s Top 99 Most Desirable Women a Farce

    AskMen makes dubious editorial decision to boot Miley Cyrus to the bottom of their list…ignoring reader polls. The rhetoric of AskMen’s recent Top 99 Most ‘Desirable’ Women reader poll is certainly more 21st Century than that some of it’s counterparts. […]

  • Let’s Play a Fun Game: Lad’s Mag or Rapist?

    Can you tell the difference between a lads’ mag and a rapist?! XWHY’s James Barton weighs into the lads mag debate. An investigation into a study that beggars belief…and a bit of spleen venting too, obvs. When I was first […]

  • Ralph Miliband Must Die…Again – An Essay by Paul Dacre

    The Daily Mail, usually so lauded as a source of British pride, has been having a tough week. First, this amazing tweet from Tory politician Nigel Fletcher, lambasting them for their bigotry…and if the Tories are angry at you for […]

  • Portfolio Project: Olympus and f22 Collaborate

    f22 magazine, one of our favourite art and photography publications, has announced a new collaboration. They’ve teamed up with Olympus to create the ‘Photography Portfolio’ – a pullout showcasing work from some of the UK’s leading and most exciting photography […]

  • News or Not: Bloodied Images of Boston Bomber

    It is always an interesting conundrum. What qualifies as newsworthy, as opposed to what appeals to morbid fascination, but which we don’t necessarily need to see? This is where there is an interesting division, within the news and journalism industry, […]

  • Rock’n’Rollin’ in their Graves

    This past weekend, at the ripe old age of 27, I finally popped my Glastonbury cherry. Like all virgins, I wasn’t totally sure what I was doing and I did occasionally find it a bit difficult staying up, but those […]