• Cowlin Presents: Bowler

    SW4, Stevie Wonder, Techno & Techno. A young DJ is on the rise.   In the first of our new series of interviews. Cowlin caught up with DJ, Producer & Event owner ‘Bowler’ ahead of his debut set at the […]

  • Style & Substance: Linda Harrison

    XWHY bags a chat with songstress and feisty female Linda Harrison. Harrison has 1 million YouTube hits, a fashion line and an album recorded when she was 16 to her name, and collaborations and connections from Cutfather to Perez Hilton. […]

  • Matti Hemmings – “Young People Don’t Really Fear Anything”

    Michael talks to Matti Hemmings, professional BMX Flatland Rider and finds him to be a lot less “sex maniac” than he first assumed… I guess it says something about the effect that films such as Kids have had on my […]

  • Dani Osvaldo: Inside the Mind of a Maverick

    XWHY’s gets an exclusive with Dani Osvaldo – to talk about narcissism, Malcolm Gladwell and time-travel… For a footballer with enough talent, there will always be a manager who believes they can be tamed – football folklore is full of […]

  • Mr Frivolous: “I’ve Never Seen Titanic, That Film Looks Like Dry Paper”

    Mike Thomas chats to the mysterious facelessness that is artist Mr Frivolous Artists are those who have the ability to look at the same thing as the next man and see something different. Is it a trick of the mind […]

  • Ron Pope: How to Piss Off a Really Nice Guy

    Tash Bird interrupts musician Ron Pope in the middle of the UK leg of his tour for a little chat, and it all goes a bit awry… Foot in mouth is easily done, but it takes a pro to fit […]

  • Love Hath a Name – But it Sure as Hell isn’t Plenty Of Fish

    Valentine’s day is looming. Whether you’re into granny-porn, fireman’s-hose wrangling or tying up your testicles with rubber bands, online dating has the answer… …I think.  Maybe… Actually we’re not sure about that. It’s February. You know what that means. Swarms […]

  • Ashley Cole Meets Mike’s Knees…A Beautiful Friendship Ensues

    XWHY’s Michael Thomas, a good 6’3″ at last measure, meets Ashley Cole – a giant in name alone. Last week I was fortunate enough to take a little walk down memory lane (a.k.a. Old Street) and into the Hoxton Gallery, […]

  • Style and Substance: Kitty Cowell

    Name: Kitty Cowell Location: London, UK No relation to the high-waisted trousers sporting music mogul that introduced to the world the stellar talents of Steve Brookstein and Leon Jackson; London born, Cardiff bred Kitty Cowell is a no nonsense trifecta of […]

  • Blacksmif – Jazzy Utopian Dreams

    Blacksmif talks to XWHY about Frontin’ samples, being a male bridesmaid and what he’d do to Kim Kardashian, given half the chance… East London producer and DJ Yemi Olagbaiye, a.k.a. Blacksmif, is a grower. That’s not an innuendo. We mean […]