• Pixies: Indie Cindy Returns To Glory

    So, the Pixies are back. Totally didn’t notice that one. Perhaps it’s because when a beloved band who reached their peak well over twenty years ago stage a comeback, history has taught you instinctively to grit your teeth and prepare […]

  • Cyberbullying – Are the Websites to Blame?

    Cyberbullying has been a hot topic this week. The ‘Twitter Silence’ campaign – during which a number of tweet-happy celebrities abstained from all Twitter activity for 24 hours – was designed to draw attention to incidents of “trolling”. The trolling, […]

  • Release: Sampha EP – Dual

    Basically, you can’t not have heard of Sampha. His mellifluous, silky voice has graced the tracks of some pretty heavy-hitters – SBTRKT, Jessie Ware, Drake… He’s Brit radio gold at the moment, and infinitely recognisable vocally. But, you may not […]

  • “BLKKK SKKKN HEAD” – Kanye West Official Video

    The video’s leak (at least in part) earlier this month prompted the type of foul-mouthed twitter rant that we’ve all become accustomed to. He clamoured, almost sweetly and quite fairly, about how “heartbreaking” it was to have his work circulated […]

  • Tech News: An Honest Big Brother

    Reeling from Edward Snowden’s revelations, as a collective Western society, we aren’t too sure whether to be impressed by the American (and presumably British) governments’ spying capabilities – after all, it’s fairly extraordinary to discover such a reach and penetration […]

  • Pirates – Trolling the Cyberverse

      First they’ll steal your music. Then, they’ll slow-roast your children, eat them, and wash them down with a big glass of “#dealwithit.”   Pirates of digital material are dirty rotten scoundrels; rapscallions of the highest order – intent on […]