• Women of Sochi – The XWHY Ranking

    Talk about Brits with grit – we’ve got some f***ing amazing girls on the squad this year at Sochi, so let’s check ’em out… Aimee Fuller Age: 22 Discipline: Snowboard Slopestyle Watch Her Space: This treacle is the media darling […]

  • Neknominations, MotorWasted and the Rat-Arsenist

    James Barton dives headfirst into Banter-Warfare, NekNominations and Other Lessons in extreme stupidity…. Now that we’ve rolled into February, it’s about that time when everyone starts forgetting their New Year’s resolutions and devolving back into the slovenly amoral cesspools they […]

  • Sex for Sale – Prostitution, Cuddle Cafés and Commodity Culture

    It’s the oldest trade in the world. It capitalises on one of our basest, most universal urges. But does that justify its existence? For me, prostitution presents a troubling paradox. On the one hand, the concept of sex as a […]

  • Apple’s Gag Order and It’s Government Information Requests

    Apple has decided to fight (although not strictly transgress, obviously) the “gag order” placed on it by the US Government to prevent particular details of their information requests becoming public. The tech giant has published a certain amount of information […]

  • India: Bootleg Booze, the Subtle Genocide

    It was Mahatma Gandhi’s firmest belief that the prohibition of alcohol would create a society unburdened by addiction, weakness and the sins of clouded judgement. In reality, it has become a death penalty for the country’s poorest and most desperate. […]

  • Someone Noticed that Buzzfeed Can Be a Bit Insensitive and it is FIERCE

    9 paragraphs that have just had it with Buzzfeed stereotypes… I don’t know when exactly Buzzfeed launched. If you’re a regular reader of XWHY you’ll be aware that thorough research – or even basic Googling – is not something I […]

  • The Breaking Bad Rehab Scholarship

    It’s a show that’s rocked a generation, sure. The latest episode of Breaking Bad to air, ‘Ozymandias’, has bowled over even the snootiest of television reviewers. It’s good viewing, nobody is denying that. But it’s inspired some pretty weird behaviour from the […]

  • Nearly 25% Men Admit to Rape in Asia

    A statistic that beggars belief. Firstly, and most obviously, because rape is an inherently abhorrent concept. Secondly, because if 23 per cent of men in the Asia Pacific area feel ready to admit it, imagine how many guilty others are […]

  • A Congressional Time Bomb – Obama, Syria and Signing His Own Death Warrant

    News broke this morning that Obama has decided to push back the Congressional vote on Syria, to explore “all avenues of diplomatic resolution.” Thanks to Russia’s get-out-of-jail-free card, which took the form of a promised negotiation with Bashar al-Assad to […]

  • A Little Tweet to Fell a Bigger Bird

    All hail Hasan Syed, this week’s victor supreme in the micro-blogging sphere. Or is he? Syed is being touted as something of an ingenue after deciding to pay to promote his rather simple series of tweets condemning British Airways for […]