• Demetri Marchessini – Homosexuality’s all Greek to him

    The Telegraph publishes bizarre open letter by Demetri Marchessini, criticising “pro-gay” Times columnist Libby Purves….James Barton gives him a grammar lesson… Demetri Marchessini, who in the interests of fairness I am obliged to refer to as a former UKIP donor, […]

  • Cheap Tits – Celebrities, Cyber-Sexuality and Cyrus

    This is the artwork for Lady Gaga’s new single. Just this. With that in mind, my opening statement is going to be almost as obvious as hers – Lady Gaga does not appeal, in any way, to the straight male […]

  • Same Sex Marriage Legalised in New Jersey

    Slowly, but surely, the world is catching up… As of this morning, same sex marriage has been declared legal in the American state of New Jersey, making it the 14th state to make the change. And of course, with plenty […]

  • Ralph Miliband Must Die…Again – An Essay by Paul Dacre

    The Daily Mail, usually so lauded as a source of British pride, has been having a tough week. First, this amazing tweet from Tory politician Nigel Fletcher, lambasting them for their bigotry…and if the Tories are angry at you for […]

  • Club Owner: Welcome to the Superstore

    Club owner and respected DJ Dan Beaumont talks musical purity, New York pizza and dancing in tunnels… British bar culture: it’s an odd thing. Bars are wonderful places, in theory. They welcome us in when no one else will have […]

  • ‘I am Bradley Manning?’ – But Wait, Actually, Are You?

    Bradley Manning poses one of the single largest conundrums that we have had to face this side of the last 40 years. The “I am Bradley Manning” video going around, full of the usual celebrity wannabe activists, is as confusing […]

  • Party + Glitterati – The Paris Edition

    London and New York have The Box. You know it, whether you’ve been through its mysterious doors or not. The hype has been impressive. Delicately billed as a ‘Theatre of Varieties’ – what it really consists of is a place […]

  • Captain Breakdown: Hello, Otters and Grindr

    Hello Everyone! So, whether you like it or not, you’re here. This is a blog about me, well not quite me, but my sex life. As a young gay guy who grew up in London (yes lucky me) I’ve had […]

  • Queer as Folk: Ernst & Young Rebranding Bungle

    Most companies – be it to re-boot after a lawsuit, to avoid unflattering connotations or to be more down wit da kidz – will, at some stage, have a go at rebranding. Remember when Norwich Union became Aviva? Better yet, […]

  • Entrepreneur: Designed and Redefined

      Michael Lenz survives angry alcoholics and sleepy suburbs to bring us his latest designs   Some people go into banking. Others head for Shoreditch and end up with a hapless booze-hound smashing bottles of whisky at their feet. No […]