• Mojito Madness with Dems & Friends

    Dan, Duncan & Dave aka Dems, are a trio blessed with facial hair and sparkling wit in abundance, but despite this they’ve managed to avoid careers in beard modelling  or stand up comedy and instead formed the Electro-Indie (that’s how […]

  • The 4 things we’ve all learnt from our first day back at work…

    Congratulations people, we’ve made! We’ve survived! The 7.5 hours that you have been dreading since you broke up for Christmas, have finally ended and there have been no tears, no random out burst and most importantly, no casualties. Now is time […]


    From Toronto to Olympus… I’ve always loved anything tied to mythology and in particular the Gods of Olympus, so I was pleasantly surprised when I came across the delightful Zeus. The Canadians are due to release their new LP “Classic Zeus” in the UK on […]