• Queer as Folk: Ernst & Young Rebranding Bungle

    Most companies – be it to re-boot after a lawsuit, to avoid unflattering connotations or to be more down wit da kidz – will, at some stage, have a go at rebranding. Remember when Norwich Union became Aviva? Better yet, […]

  • “BLKKK SKKKN HEAD” – Kanye West Official Video

    The video’s leak (at least in part) earlier this month prompted the type of foul-mouthed twitter rant that we’ve all become accustomed to. He clamoured, almost sweetly and quite fairly, about how “heartbreaking” it was to have his work circulated […]

  • Void VO2 Copper Retrograde

    Launched in 2008 by Swedish designer David Ericsson, Void watches have both a modern and a vintage aesthetic. Their architectural shape is interesting and unusual, while the analog dial is reminiscent of a speedometer or a pre-digital radio. The half […]

  • Deus Ex Machina

    If you’re familiar with Greek tragedy, you’ll appreciate the tongue-in-cheek name of this brand. “God from the Machine” (the translation) traditionally referred to a plot device wherein the poet, philosopher or playwright introduced a new character, God or plot twist […]

  • The Butler

    Brilliant. Enough said really. But if you want a bit more – it’s all fairly self-explanatory. Instead of repeating the Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet and Watch mantra before shutting the front door behind you, let The Butler do it for you. […]

  • Braun SK6 Phonograph and Radio

    Dieter Rams and Hans Gugelot’s beautiful design and the first phonograph with a clear plexiglass lid. For fans of ‘50s and 60s Bakelite-esque design, this has all the appeal of a mid-century product, with the workablility of something much more […]

  • Puzzle Shaped Bamboo Laptop Stand

    In these days of celebrated minimalism and the “sustainability” buzzword, bamboo designs are cropping up all over the place. Their simple, pale wood appearance is sleek and understated, while the bamboo base material, owing to its rate of regeneration, makes […]

  • Style & Substance: Megan

    Name: Megan Page Bullock Age: 27 Location: Brooklyn, New York / Charleston, West Virginia You are one of those arty creatures who sees beauty in the little things. What advice do you have for people who stumble blindly through their […]

  • Entrepreneur: Designed and Redefined

      Michael Lenz survives angry alcoholics and sleepy suburbs to bring us his latest designs   Some people go into banking. Others head for Shoreditch and end up with a hapless booze-hound smashing bottles of whisky at their feet. No […]