• Will Johnny Berba help you find a date this Valentine’s?

    XWHY SPEAKS TO THE YOUTUBE SENSATION WHO SPENDS UP TO 14 HOURS A DAY PICKING UP GIRLS ON THE STREET Johnny Berba, 30, will be the first to admit that he’s not the stereotypical ladies man. Crippled by social anxiety after […]

  • Wingman App – Mile High Club Just Got Less Exclusive

    An app to forge mid-flight hook-ups in tiny little bathrooms…fun?! The Wingman app is essentially the same as Tinder, except that it’s more overtly sexual (if that’s possible) and facilitates an encounter in a tiny bathroom, in a tin can, […]

  • Mike’s Valentine’s Day #Playlist – 10.02.14

    Valentine’s Day Soundcloud and Spotify Playlist, Curated by XWHY’s resident musical enthusiast Michael Thomas… Right so the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day this week won’t have escaped your notice, unless you’ve got blinkers on or gone into self-enforced hibernation. Before […]

  • Style and Substance: Kitty Cowell

    Name: Kitty Cowell Location: London, UK No relation to the high-waisted trousers sporting music mogul that introduced to the world the stellar talents of Steve Brookstein and Leon Jackson; London born, Cardiff bred Kitty Cowell is a no nonsense trifecta of […]

  • How To…Make Resolutions that are Slightly Less Inane

    Ah, January – that time of year  when we all realise what’s terrible about our lives and attempt to rectify these glaring flaws. I need to stop smoking! I drink too much! I don’t do any exercise! Anyway, enough random […]

  • XWHY ALTERNATIVE XMAS – Gifts for Girls

    …because candles and chocolates are insipid…and we know you’re better than that. Christmas is a blessing. Or so we’re told. It brings strangers together and loved ones closer. This is true, unless you have a girlfriend. In the event that […]

  • Style and Substance: Katelyn

    Name: Katelyn Prominski Age: 29 Location: New York City. Or, a hotel room somewhere across the continent of North America. She lives on a national tour, which means home is a different city every week. Katelyn is a dancer. She […]

  • Style and Substance: Katy

    Name: Katy Rose Peacock Age: 19 Location: Brisbane, Australia Artist, dreamer and dedicated wanderer, Katy Peacock is a beautiful face and a lovely soul, with a passion for animals, other countries and the delights that nature has to offer. If […]

  • Style and Substance: Ciara

    Name: Ciara McCauley Age: 24 Location: Dalston Here at XWHY magazine we like our women to be multi-faceted. And Ciara McCauley is certainly more than just a striking face. Part-time hair model, one of Mayfair’s nearly qualified chartered accountants, photographer, […]

  • Style and Substance: Kim

    Name: Kim Forsberg Age: 26 Location: London With a fierce passion for the environment, eternal wanderlust and a knack for swimming upstream, Kim is like a WWF wet dream. To look at, she’s got a disarming Jodie Kidd-come-Elsa Hosk innocent […]