• Signs Your Business Tech Is Outdated

    While it’s true that some of the more traditional methods of running a business do work, being too outdated and ‘traditional’ with your methods can seriously hinder your business and how your employees do their jobs. Look for these signs […]

  • Taking On The Business World, Just You, Yourself, And Your Computer

    When we start in business, many of us dream of having a team behind us. Nothing spells success like earning enough money to pay for staff members. But, in those early days, a dream is just how this remains. The […]

  • The Right and Wrong Way to Approach Business Technology

    Businesses all over the world need to understand that technology can be both a boon and a curse if not used correctly. There are right and wrong ways to approach business technology and, if you don’t respect its use, it […]

  • Why You Should Have A Virtual Office

    You may have heard of the rise or virtual offices if you are a small business based at home. It can be a great time saver for small companies and will allow them to manage all of the things an […]

  • Eliminating Errors In Business

    When you run a business, there is simply no room for error. If things go wrong you could end up with a tribunal or lawsuit on your hands, someone could get hurt or you could even end up with a […]

  • Got An Idea? Get Outta Your Head!

    When you have the chance to start a new business, it’s like being put on a track full of excitement, adventure and stress. Let’s be honest, having an idea that you know will wow the world is a stressful experience, […]

  • Daniel Hirschmann – Technology Will Save Us

    Natasha Bird meets super-geek-come-superhero Daniel Hirschman, to chat time machines, resourcefulness and how much sellotape is enough sellotape… Technology is great. Without a pocket-sized Insta-portal to the filtered and framed world, how would we know that our cheeseburger really is […]

  • Julio Thomas: Designer on a Mission

    “Who is to blame in one country? Never can get to the one; Dealin’ in multiplication; And they still can’t feed everyone… “Oh no, we gonna rock down to Electric Avenue; And then we’ll take it higher…” Brixton. Much maligned […]

  • Tech 10: Gadgets and Gizmos for Entrepreneurs

    Running a start-up is no walk in the park…even if some of your meetings take place in one. As most new business owners will understand, you’ll hardly be spending the first few years residing in some swanky, marble entranced office […]

  • Queer as Folk: Ernst & Young Rebranding Bungle

    Most companies – be it to re-boot after a lawsuit, to avoid unflattering connotations or to be more down wit da kidz – will, at some stage, have a go at rebranding. Remember when Norwich Union became Aviva? Better yet, […]