• Missed Mixtapes #12

    Dominic Roarty digs deep in the internet’s musical treasure troves to bring you the mixtapes you shouldn’t miss… Happy New Year readers. This week I have chosen a good old fashioned hip hop mixtape from Denaun Porter, full of skits, […]

  • Channing Tatum Parodies Van Damme. It’s Not Funny

    American stripper-turned-actor and receiver of many postal deliveries of women’s underwear Channing Tatum has gone and done a parody of THAT Van Damme splits video. We all love a good zero to hero story, and Channing Tatum is an okay […]

  • BBC Renews American Enthusiasm for God

    Turning a few more Americans in a Godwardly direction doesn’t sound like too hard a task, we just didn’t think it would be a British paragon of science and the natural world that would do it… In a bizarre turn […]

  • Find of the Week – The Decades Hat Co.

    Uncovering the undiscovered….and the just plain great… This week’s #FOUND brand hails all the way from Philadelphia. The Decades is more than just a hat company, it’s a vibe and an ethos. With some serious ’90s nostalgia, The Decades references […]

  • Apple’s Gag Order and It’s Government Information Requests

    Apple has decided to fight (although not strictly transgress, obviously) the “gag order” placed on it by the US Government to prevent particular details of their information requests becoming public. The tech giant has published a certain amount of information […]

  • Cheap Tits – Celebrities, Cyber-Sexuality and Cyrus

    This is the artwork for Lady Gaga’s new single. Just this. With that in mind, my opening statement is going to be almost as obvious as hers – Lady Gaga does not appeal, in any way, to the straight male […]

  • Style and Substance: Katelyn

    Name: Katelyn Prominski Age: 29 Location: New York City. Or, a hotel room somewhere across the continent of North America. She lives on a national tour, which means home is a different city every week. Katelyn is a dancer. She […]

  • Same Sex Marriage Legalised in New Jersey

    Slowly, but surely, the world is catching up… As of this morning, same sex marriage has been declared legal in the American state of New Jersey, making it the 14th state to make the change. And of course, with plenty […]

  • Style and Substance – Storm the DJ

    XWHY speaks to international success and all-round fierce female Storm the DJ about her musical highs, favourite tracks and women in the industry… Firstly, as you will no doubt have noticed, Storm is achingly beautiful. It’s no wonder then, that […]

  • New Balance x Concepts

    New Balance have paired up with one of Massachusetts’ finest foot-, street- and skate-wear brand, Concepts, to produce a new take on the 998 design. The Concepts M998TN2 – nicknamed The C-Note – draws inspiration for its colourway from the […]