Syrian Army Retakes Qusair

The civil war in Syria rages on, well into its second year. With regular to-ing and fro-ing between rebel forces and regime-supporters, it’s hard to keep on top of what seems to be a fairly fluid, and yet somehow still depressingly stagnant situation.

Irritatingly, this latest development is either relatively dramatic or lacking in significant consequence.

Over the course of the last few weeks, Syrian rebels have been fighting to defend their hold over the border town of Qusair.

In the last few days, they lost the battle to pro-regime militia, who have been openly aided by members of Lebanon’s Hezbollah Shia group.

At 10 kilometres from the Lebanese border, Qusair is not merely a strategic stronghold – it sits on a popular trading route between the two countries.
Map Qusair
The reclaiming of Qusair is one in a series of push-me-pull-you manoeuvres over the last year, so gauging its significance is tricky.

If you believe the propaganda spouted by Bashar al Assad’s PR machine, it’s a “clear message to all those who share in the aggression on Syria…that [they] will continue their string of victories until [they] regain every inch of Syrian land. …Their [the rebels] fate is surrender or death.”

Whether this is the case, remains to be seen.


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