Summer 2014 – You’ll HAVE to Take Your Clothes off to Have a Good Time

Summer 2014 to be ‘the hottest on record’

Well, they say this every bleedin’ year don’t they. But with the last few months ranking at ‘slit your wrists’ on the miserable scale, perhaps the tears of a thousand flooded suburbians will actually be enough to pay for a summer of fun.

According to The Independent, ‘Scientists’ (we’re hoping of the weather kind) are about 75 per cent sure that Summer 2014 is set to be ‘the hottest on record’, again.

Call it the El Niño effect, call it global warming, all it camel vs polar bears or whatever you like, but it looks like these floods are to give way to a hopsepipe ban. Nice.

Bikinis all round.

Summer 2014 XWHY

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