Dress Yourself
  • Give Your Groom’s Suit The Best Finishing Touches

    Do you know that on average a groom spends around £140 on a hired suit, which is about 10 times less than the average spending for the bride’s wedding dress? While it’s true that most people consider the wedding to […]

  • The Parisian Field Guide to Men’s Style

    The Parisian Field Guide to Men’s Style, is a new book by legendary French model and designer Ines de la Fressange. The long-awaited sequel to the New York Times bestseller Parisian Chic, Ines and fashion journalist Sophie Gachet have written […]

  • The global growth of menswear and what’s next for men’s fashion

    Menswear will outperform the women’s clothing sector across the world by 2020, according to research by Euromonitor International. With a contribution of approximately £380 billion to the worldwide clothing and shoes market by the end of the next two years, […]


    WeSC have released their Spring/Summer 2018 collection and gender fluidity is the order of the day. As such everything in the collection will be available in sizes XXS – XXL. Inspired by a road trip from Los Angeles (with the […]

  • Nike Sneaker Design Workshops Celebrate Air Max Day

      Following the incredible success of last year’s Nike ‘London On Air’, from March 22nd to April 15th Nike will be hosting a design workshop series in Paris, London, New York, Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo. This series will engage participants […]

  • It’s Payday…Treat Yo Self!: February

      It’s that magical time of the month once again, when you are finally dragged from the depths of despair knowing that your monthly paycheck is about to hit your account. Now of course here at XWHY we are all […]

  • Grimy Fashion: The Dos And Don’ts

    Grime music is popping in a big way. From North London to Manchester and Canada, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Even Drake thinks of himself as a Boy Better Know crew member. Apart from banging tunes, grime also brings […]

  • Enhancing Your Attractiveness

    It’s understood that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there are certain things we can do that add or subtract from how attractive we are viewed by others; at a basic level, this could come down to […]

  • Look Good For Less (Thanks To The Internet)

    Let’s face it; there’s no escaping the fact that appearances count for a lot in this world. Even if you’re not a particularly vain person, looking good will make you feel good while also impacting the reactions of other people. […]

  • Simple Style Tips for Men

    If you’re looking to up your game in the style stakes, it can be pretty overwhelming. Wherever you look and whoever you talk to, there are seemingly hundreds of style rules that must be followed – it’s pretty difficult to […]