Style & Substance: Anna

Name: Anna Santos

Age: 27

Location: Currently Athens, Greece.

From small village to the big wide world, Anna’s life has been one of discovery and ever broadening horizons. She’s a dreamer and a thinker, with a shrewd eye for business and a staggering ability to always get her way…


Your life is interestingly nomadic in structure. Where in the world have you lived and which place was your favourite?

I have been fortunate enough to have lived in many great cities, including my native Budapest, but also New York, Los Angeles, Rome, Frankfurt, Bahrain and now Athens.

I couldn’t possibly name a favourite, because I have enjoyed each one for different reasons.

I love the vibe in LA; I love my friends and the fashion and pace of New York; I adore Rome and its people, especially in the Trastevere area where I lived. Although much smaller, Bahrain was cool too – there was a sense of close-knit community and good friendships, plus the awesome weather all year round.

I hope I can continue moving from city to city for as long as possible.

Travel has become an integral part of so many young people’s lives. How do you think it has enriched your own personal experience?

Travel has given me the opportunity to learn about so many new cultures, to see places I dreamed about as a child, but most importantly to meet fascinating people, many of whom have become lifelong friends.

Living in different countries has had a big impact on me in many ways. I am more open to new things and obviously a great deal more socially aware, but it has also changed my style and outlook on life.

I even eat differently now! I grew up in a tiny village in Hungary, so I didn’t even know what sushi, tacos, moussaka and humus were. Now I’m in love with all these great cuisines, especially Mediterranean and Mexican food.

You’ve had a few career incarnations, from PR to event planning to model and muse. Which role do you think suits you best?

I enjoy all of these roles – modelling has been great because it has allowed me to travel the world but PR/Events Management is a very exciting field to be in and of course a great deal of fun.

What would you say forms the soul of the city you live in?

Athens is a city of stark contrasts; an ancient city that is only now starting to really modernise itself. Its history, though, is all around you. It’s very chaotic, but there is beauty in its chaos. It’s also incredibly lively and the Greeks, once you try to understand them, are very hospitable people.

Fashion and style are obviously important to you, but how do you think fashion affects our concept of what is beautiful?

There is no denying that fashion and trends, as set by the media, play a big role in how we as a society perceive what is beautiful.

Having lived in various cities, I have always been interested more by individual style as opposed to what is currently in fashion and I think women that are willing to be creative and unique are far more attractive.

Where do politics fit into your relationships?

Prior to my current relationship, which is going on four years now, I can’t say I really thought about politics and how it affected me.

One thing my boyfriend encourages me to do is to learn about what is happening and to think for myself and while we don’t always share the same views, I am grateful that we can sit down and discuss important issues.

What can a man do to make himself infinitely more attractive to you?

I have always been attracted to slightly older men, primarily because I find them to have more chance of being intelligent, mature and successful.

I like men that are creative, well travelled, conscious of the world we live in and unique and with their own sense of style.  I am also more attracted to men with beards and tattoos!

What do you love about love?

Having someone as adventurous as I am that supports and inspires me.

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