Style and Substance: Kim

Name: Kim Forsberg

Age: 26

Location: London

With a fierce passion for the environment, eternal wanderlust and a knack for swimming upstream, Kim is like a WWF wet dream. To look at, she’s got a disarming Jodie Kidd-come-Elsa Hosk innocent appeal, but a moment in her company and you’ll realise she’s has that strong independence of spirit that many amazing Swedish women are graced with.

From Sweden to London, with so many exotic places in between. How does travel define your life?

I am a restless soul. I like thinking about and analysing things all the time. Traveling allows me to appreciate and understand the diversity that makes up this world. Moving about helps to satisfy my thirst for knowledge. Leaving my Swedish comfort zone gave me a confidence I wouldn’t have otherwise had. I would probably have gone nuts if I had spent my twenties in a 9-5 job on the island where I grew up.

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A picture paints a thousand words?

Absolutely! I love my photos and paintings, all of them! You shouldn’t be stuck in the past they say, but after a heavy day, I love to dream and reminisce about the past, looking at photos. My favourite set is that of a sailing trip I did to Panama in 2007. They are full to the brim of passion, excitement and make me smile every time.

We’ve been inching towards switching to sustainable development and renewable energy sources, but progress has been slow. What do you think it’s going to take for the world to make a more significant leap in this direction?

People tend to care more about their local environment than the global.  Creating simple, fun and creative solutions for consumers is a good start. Sustainability is actually a very basic concept. People think it’s more radical than it really is. If turning to more local production slows down consumption fetishism – is it really that bad?

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Are you lucky in love?

Love is so hard! I am dating the city of London right now.

If you could communicate with one species of animal, what would it be and why?

Can I have two?

Firstly, the salmon that swim upstream.

And secondly, I think sea turtles are the coolest animals. How great would it be to hear about what has happened in the deep blue over the last 80 years?

Africa or Asia?

Africa. I believe there are few continents left which have as many hidden cultures and stories as Africa. I have always wanted to meet with Timon and Pumba, and got the chance in 2009 when I went to Tanzania and Serengeti for research. So my love lies in that part of the world.

Do your best moments happen under the cover of darkness or out in the brightest of lights?

In the brightest of lights with friends and family. But there is something about those melancholic moments. With the right music and thoughts they can be almost as poignant.


Describe your perfect date…

Well… It would have to be this: new in a city and I run into a fun, pretty man with a cute accent. We would run around experiencing the city together, flouting all the rules of time. Oh, and we will end up in a bar with spectacular drinks, food and music.

If you could wake up to one scene every morning for the rest of your life, what would it be?

In the arms of a handsome man, preferably on a sailing boat close to a big city where my working days will be filled with the important tasks of making the world a better place.


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