Style and Substance: Katy

Name: Katy Rose Peacock

Age: 19

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Artist, dreamer and dedicated wanderer, Katy Peacock is a beautiful face and a lovely soul, with a passion for animals, other countries and the delights that nature has to offer.


If you could hand pick an aspect from three different cultures to create your perfect country, what would they be and from where?

I have always admired the Japanese for their harmonious relationship with nature.  The Japanese approach is amazing – when you consider that most other places in the world seek to have complete control over their natural surroundings. I have a great respect for their culture, religious values, general perspective on mankind, strong values towards their ancestry. So many of us are guilty of getting caught up in materialism and consumerism.

My perfect country would look just like Transylvania – the scenery, their non-fiction heritage and of course the general eeriness. I couldn’t ask for more.

And I want the passion and vibrance of Italy! Visiting Venice, I could just feel the strong sense of pride, creativity and cultural heritage. My father got me my first job waitressing at his friend Carlo’s traditional Italian restaurant and I have loved the Italians ever since. Also, eating and cooking Italian food every day wouldn’t be so bad…!

How would you describe your artistic aesthetic?

When it comes to creation, there are definitely some real challenges. I need to be true to my personal taste while still appealing to others. But after years of trying to discover my particular artistic stamp, I’ve learnt how important it is not let other people’s judgement distract you from your own ideas too much. My drawings always tell a story, it doesn’t need to be written down or understood by others as long as I know it every time I look at it. I believe having that kind of depth to my work is important.


What is the last beautiful thing you came across?

A few days ago, I was sitting in my garden at sunset, beneath storm clouds and an afternoon moon, listening to the crows talk. It was nothing short of bliss. Although, I find that the sky offers some new beauty almost every single night…

Katy Peacock 2 XWHY

What made you become vegan?

Five years ago, I wouldn’t have considered a vegan lifestyle, so I can understand why most people don’t. One day I just decided to stop being ignorant and faced the facts I knew were out there. In reality, we have so much more than we need. I am a vegan for ethical reasons, I don’t believe in taking lives to pleasure our own.  

The Australians and the Brits traditionally have very different ways of life. Is there anything you wish we did that was a bit more Aussie?

My parents are both from the UK, I don’t believe they’ve let go of most of the traditions that hey grew with. Both countries have great similarities, and the differences are what keeps it interesting.

Describe your perfect man?

Black and white, four legs and his name is Marley.

Could you ever marry a meat-eater?

I’ve heard there’s this thing called love that makes you do crazy things… on the other hand, this would probably be too much for me.

 Katy Peacock

 Check out Katy’s Instagram: Instagram/KatyPeacock


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