Style and Substance: Ciara

Name: Ciara McCauley

Age: 24

Location: Dalston

Here at XWHY magazine we like our women to be multi-faceted. And Ciara McCauley is certainly more than just a striking face. Part-time hair model, one of Mayfair’s nearly qualified chartered accountants, photographer, fashion enthusiast… There are many strings to her bow. After three years in the big smoke, she’s earned her badge as a Dalstonite, but hailing from a tiny town in Northern Ireland, she’s got that winsome country-lass vibe about her still.


Coming from a tiny town in Northern Ireland to big ole’ London, you must have felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland. What wondrous, magical things did you discover?

Feeling like Alice can be wonderful; it comes with no assumptions or expectations. Studying in Newcastle acted as a bit of a pit stop between the bright lights of London and the green fields of Ireland.

However, when I did arrive in London, it still took a while to get around the fact that London is not one place. It is full of different pockets with different styles, vibes and people. I love the fact that I am still experiencing new post codes.

Growing up in a small village I found that there was a cap on expression and creativity, London provided a window of opportunity to innovate and succeed.

You divide your time between some very serious work and a flight of delightful fancy (her Fashion Mannequin Insta account). How do you reconcile these two very different sides of your personality?

These two opposite sides of my personality keep me balanced. It’s wonderful to finish a stressful late night at work, free my mind, and take a few snaps of passing street fashion & intriguing shop windows. I find that the trends and outfits become more and more creative as I make my  way from Mayfair to Dalston. It’s a great wind down. Coming from a 9-6, it’s essential to have an outlet which allows you to channel and express creativity and enjoyment.

Creative moments do not go down too well within the accounting world, unless you’re looking for that kind of accountant! 😉


If you were to have a perfect, whirlwind, weekend long romance with one person from history (dead or alive), never to see them again, who would it be and why?

There are many people from history that I would love to spend a romantic weekend with, however I think I’d also be a bit afraid to discover that someone of great artistic and literary genius would be a disappointment between the sheets. I wouldn’t want to spoil anyone’s fantasy. Maybe just listening to Shakespeare speak the language of love would be enough for me.


What is the strangest question that a man has ever asked you?

I think the strangest comments from men often come from within the office workplace. Don’t get me wrong, on nights out partying in Newcastle I have been subject to some unsettling comments. However, I think strange comments coming from someone sober have a more dramatic affect;

‘How would you feel working underneath a powerful man…What’s the most you would do to further your career?’

In your experience, which is the most inspiring city in the world and why?

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel widely, but to answer the above (and trying to not be bias), I would have to say London. I think the style, energy and opportunities of London cannot be matched. Whatever your career; fashion or finance, London provides so many unique individuals breaking the boundaries and pushing standards higher and higher.

If you take your eye off the ball, you’ll be left behind.


You’ve volunteered in Ghana and Morocco.  Do you think Britain is living up to its responsibilities when it comes to helping less developed countries?

I believe so. I think Britain will always have a responsibility to share its knowledge, experience & wealth to help those in need, but I’m not necessarily in a position to judge whether we’re going about this in the right way. But I think we should be proud of a country that generally displays a conscious ambition to support people globally.

I also feel it a necessity for UK PLC companies to participate in philanthropic activity – within the UK and worldwide environments. With the vast number of different financial funds that flow through the London markets, there should be a moral and ethical requirement to give back. I actually based my University Dissertation on this exact topic!

What is your biggest fear and your biggest strength?

Not being happy.

My care free personality.


What is the one thing that a man could do to immediately turn you off?

A man that talks solely about money and fails to see joy and beauty in the little things that life has to offer.



Final image shot by AuxJoursLeJour

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