Style and Substance: Daci Gligorova

Name: Daci Gligorova

Age: 19

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Blog: Cali4nication

Exploring, adventuring and just generally being a free-spirit. Daci in a nutshell. She lives in Australia, travels the world and has plans to study in London… so she’s coming to a town near you folks, be prepared.

Daci Gligorova Cali4nication XWHY magazine

Australia’s sandy beaches are the envy of pretty much every Brit that’s ever had to go Brighton’s pebbled shores, but do you live the dream that we all imagine and fill your days with beach walks and sun bathing?

I guess I can relate to the Brits with this, most of the nicer beaches are found on the Northern and Western coast, renowned for the beauty and waves. I live in Melbourne, though, and the closest beaches to me are the city beaches and they’re not very serene with their industrial views and muggy water. Melbourne also has what everybody who lives here describes as ‘bi-polar’ weather, where it could be above 40 for seven consecutive days and then 20 degrees the next.

Daci Gligorova XWHY Magazine

There’s a free-bird attitude about you. Where does this come from?

I was born in Macedonia, so my desire to travel was initiated by me missing my family and friends that live overseas and it just grew from there.

Which of the cities that you visited has affected you the most?

Ibiza by far. Everything was spread out, but so close together. You feel like you’re in a desert and then five minutes of driving later, you’re at an amazing beach with water as clear as crystal. The energy and vibe of that little island always puts a grin on my face when I think about it.

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Australians seem to manage to live in every corner of the world, do you have any plans to move abroad?

I would love to move to California for so many reasons: the weather, the relaxed attitude, the innovation and emphasis on personal health. Their pop culture has influenced me too – I’m a massive Red Hot Chili Peppers fan, and Californication is my favourite television series. Second to California would be London, because it’s so much like home, but so close to my favourite European countries.

Do you think traveling makes you a more interesting person?

It gives you more stories to tell, different perspectives on life, a better understanding of cultures, religions and traditions. Most importantly it takes you out of your regular routine, ultimately making you miss that routine or making you want to change it.

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Who runs the world?

Social networking sites

What would you say was your biggest talent?

My sense of direction. I cant get lost.

What is it that you enjoy about the world of tumblr and blogging?

Discovering places and thingsIi never knew existed and finding fascinating people.

Daci Gligorova Cali4nication XWHY Magazine

If you could design a man, what would your design entail?

Software: Loyal and honest, funny, independent.

Hardware: Tall, healthy and a nice smile.

What’s your one life rule you never break?

I always trust my intuition. It never fails me – sometimes I feel a bit psychic.

What do the next 12 months have in store?

After my trip, probably just settling in, finding steady work, so I can fund my next trip to Africa.

Is there anything else you would like to say to the world?

I love you

Daci Gligorova

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