Student Living Hacks You Need To Know

From the moment you have your last day at college and are ready to embark on the scary world of student and adult life, it can be a huge change in your lifestyle. Going from a regimented schedule each day to study halls and free periods can be a strange turn of events and it can leave us not knowing how to manage our time effectively enough. If you are just about to become a student this year or next year, here are some of the things you need to know and master.


Choosing the right home

The most important decision you will make when you start university is where you are going to life. There are loads of great companies like Urbanest student accommodation who offer flats and houses for students, and often this can work out better for you than staying on campus. Failing that, if you will be studying in your home city it might actually make sense for you to live at home and use public transport to get to and from your lectures.


Scheduling the chores

If you do decide to live in a student flat or house with your friends, there won’t be any parents there to do your washing up or laundry or cook dinner, so you need to learn these skills yourself. Over the next month why not ask your mum and Dad to show you how to do things around the house and this will allow you to live more independently. You will also want to make a rota of chores to ensure that everyone does their fair share because no one wants to be left doing everything themselves!


Cheap meals

The trick to managing life as a student is knowing where you can save a couple of pennies here and there: and the best way of all to save your spends is by making cheaper meals and avoiding that tempting takeaway. Cooking big batch meals such as a curry, chilli con carne or a stew at the start of the week can be a lifesaver as you will be able to eat this for the next few days saving you both the time and effort of cooking each night.


Easy transport

Transport is one of the things which can be stressful for new students because public transport isn’t a cheap deal and you don’t want to be stuck in rush hour traffic in your car. There are actually schemes for both the train and bus which can save you money throughout the year and you should definitely invest the fee in getting a yearly pass for less stress later on.


Balancing your studies with work

The dreaded job and university combination can be hard and when you are working alongside study and lectures it can be a stressful time in your life. To ensure that you don’t burn yourself out you need to make sure you don’t work too many hours during the week because your study is still the priority. Be sure to take breaks as often as you can to avoid that burn out.


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