SNEAKRS – The Only App A Sneakerhead Needs

Every time I get mistaken for a Sneakerhead, I find it increasingly flattering. I feel it’s the equivalent of your Sunday league striker scoring a perfect hatrick (left/right/header) and then being compared to Ronaldo. The reality is that I am just a part timer. I do not have the dedication, hunger or discipline to operate at the highest level of the game.

And so the most frustrating part of being a part time Sneakerhead, isn’t the lack of adoration off your footwear on a daily basis, but it’s the missed drops that you didn’t even know were happening. While the full timers and re-sellers sit glued to Footpatrol on their laptops, mobiles and tablets waiting for the clock to tick over to 9:00am, you are blissfully unaware of the latest triple black/ exclusive collaboration/ re-issue of an OG colourway (delete as necessary).
Thankfully for those of us are slightly less dedicated to the cause, Nike has brought out the ultimate sneakers source with the launch of the SNEAKRS app. The app curates the best of Nike’s sneaker selection and serves as the best way to keep up to date with official product launch dates. With the key feature being a notification you can set as a reminders 15mins before drops are released!

The Nike SNEAKRS app is available on iOS and Android.

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