Small, But Savvy Hacks For Your Music Venue Business

While those not in the business; often think of running a bar, pub, or cafe type music venue as a dream job, those that have been in this game for a while will know that it’s anything but easy. In fact, keeping afloat in the current market can be a real challenge. Luckily, we have come up with some small, but savvy hacks that can help make your music venue business a great deal easier to run. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Sell tickets online

Remember getting paper tickets with shiny holographic bits in; through the post for any gigs you had booked to see? Well, those days are gone, and while it’s a little sad from a nostalgia point of view, from a practical and venue-based perspective, the e-tickets that have replaced them are fantastic.

The reason being that tickets can’t be as easily sold on via touts, and so the venue and band are the ones that make the most money from the sales. Also, it super easy for customers to pay for and receive their tickets meaning that you will sell more.

It’s even easier on the door because the guest information can be contained within a QR code in the ticket, so you immediately know the ages of people, which is good for the bar, and you have a fire alarm list just in case anything does happen. Not to mention the fact that you can efficiently collect and work out current sales and profits leading up to and after the gig.

Make sure the drinks are cold and plentiful

Of course, as most venue owners know it’s not the sales of the gig tickets that make you the real money, but the refreshments and drinks that you offer to patrons while they are there. What this means is that while the stage and sound set up are important, so are the practicalities of selling and buying drinks, if you want to make money that is.

With that in mind, it’s a good idea to follow a few savvy hacks. The first is that you need to order enough drink alcoholic and soft, and get your fridge stocked up before the door open.

Secondly, paying guests want ice in their beverages, and so you need to ensure that float switches are installed in all of your ice makers. The reason being that you will be able to check the level water level inside the ice makers much more efficiently, something that will stop them running dry and ensure your customers get nice, icy cold drinks.

Bar staff are crucial

Lastly, be sure to have enough staff looking after the bar. No one wants to queue for 3 hours for one round of drinks and miss the band they have paid to see, and they won’t come back for another gig if this ends up happening, no matter who you book.

Therefore, if you want your music venue to stand the test of time and be there to showcase the bands of the future, you need to ensure that one lone bar person isn’t left to serve thousands of people.



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