Signs Your Business Tech Is Outdated

While it’s true that some of the more traditional methods of running a business do work, being too outdated and ‘traditional’ with your methods can seriously hinder your business and how your employees do their jobs. Look for these signs that your business tech is outdated, and if you find them, you know that you need to change:

Your Customers Have Complained

If your customers have complained that your tech and processes are hindering their experience with you, you need to listen. 91% of customers said they would stop doing business with a company if they had outdated tech. What more reason do you need to buck your ideas up and get better tech on board?

You’re Experiencing Security Problems

As technology gets older, hackers are able to find more vulnerabilities in it, and you become more at risk from other online threats. From a security standpoint, this is very bad news. New versions of software will contain bug fixes and security patches, however, your technology will still be at risk if you don’t replace it fast enough. Leaving too long in between your software updates can also be very dangerous, and the gaps in security will begin to add up. Your computer will get virus after virus, and you’ll end up spending way more time than you should be fixing security issues.

You Experience A Lot Of Business Downtime

If your computers, point of sales systems, and other systems crash on a regular basis, you’ll not only hinder your business from functioning normally, you’ll spend more money attempting to fix downtime, and you’ll lose money on top of this. It’s so distracting for your staff members to have to deal with things like this all the time.

Your Computers Are Really Slow

When you have slow computers, your employees lose over 21 hours because of the time needed for repairs, maintenance, and security issues compared to younger computers. Repairs on computers over 4 years old are 1.5 times more frequent, too. IT consulting and support services can help you to get back on track quickly, but you need to make sure you’re not contacting them too often by having outdated equipment. You’ll spend far more time and money than you need on this stuff if you don’t stay updated.

You’re Overspending On Keeping Things Running Smoothly

Pay attention to businesses around you, and stay in touch with other business owners via LinkedIn and events. Enquire about how much they spend on fixing their technology up. If it’s significantly less than what you’re spending, it’s obvious you’re doing something wrong. Updating your tech can be expensive at first, but it will pay for itself over time.

Is it time for you to upgrade your outdated equipment? If some of these points resonate with you, then it could be time to assess your budget and look for new items. Make sure you get items that will actually make your business processes easier – don’t just go for the cheapest tech out there!


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