Sick of Being Stressed? It’s Time to Address These Five Things in Your Life

All of us experience stress at one time or another. In some cases it’s easy to pinpoint- a big work presentation coming up, an exam or a driving test. At other times, we can feel stressed and uneasy without really knowing why. Chronic stress is incredibly bad for both body and mind, and so finding ways to resolve or deal with it is absolutely crucial. If you’re feeling low, anxious, stressed or upset- here are five things that could well be the cause without you even realising.

Your career

For most of us, our lives revolve around our work. When we spend forty hours a week in the workplace, it’s inevitable that this is going to happen. There’s so much more to life than work, but we can’t overlook it- if you’re unhappy in your job then you’re never going to be truly happy in the rest of your life. Maybe your over worked and stressed, or perhaps you’re under worked and bored and feel sad that you’re not improving your skills. Either way, if your job doesn’t fulfil you then it’s time to do something about it. Could you sign up to a part time course and study in your spare time? That way you can earn while you study, and once you qualify can start applying for jobs in a new field. Maybe you could get a promotion where you are currently, or perhaps doing a similar role but for another company would help? If you’re unhappy with your boss or colleagues rather than the job, for example, then this would benefit you. Another option if you feel unfulfilled and want to do something for work that really means something to you, is to start your own business. It can seem daunting, but allows you to channel your passion, hard work and creativity into something you care about instead of earning lots of money for a big company. There are events you can attend to find out more, and there’s lots of advice online about getting started. This article about the Beginner’s Guide To Web Design for example walks you through the process of choosing a professional to put together your website. There are freelancing sites where you can hire a freelancer to create blog posts for your business or to design an app. You can even outsource entire departments such as marketing or accounting to a professional third party company. If you’d rather be the boss and enjoy the flexibility and satisfaction that it brings, then this could be a good option for you.


Your health

If you’re feeling bad, one of the most proactive things you can do is take a look at your diet and exercise. If you’re very inactive and know you’ve been eating a lot of rubbish lately- chances are you’ll feel rubbish. Not only does a good diet and exercise help you to look your best (in turn, boosting self confidence) but it protects you from illness and helps you to live a longer life. In the here and now, looking after your body will reward you with plenty of energy and a boosted mood. The right balance of nutrients will give your body everything it needs to thrive. An exercise you enjoy is not only fun, but can also provide you with a hit of serotonin or ‘happy chemicals’ to the brain. You don’t need to over complicate it, just do the things you know you should. Incorporate lots of fruits and veggies to your diet, perhaps you could take a visit to the farmer’s market each week and stock up. When they’re in the house and accessible, you’re far more likely to get your daily portions in. Walk more, instead of driving or catching the bus, invest in some good walking boots and enjoy the journey. Put your headphones on and listen to some music as you go, now that autumn is here you can take in all the incredible changing coloured leaves! Get enough sleep, make this a priority. You might feel productive staying up late to work, but you’ll only pay for it the next day with reduced workflow where you’re tired.


Your wellbeing

Leading on from health, a true sense of wellbeing is about being healthy both physically and mentally. You might eat all the right foods, exercise and get enough sleep but still not feel a hundred percent because you’re only looking after your body and not your mind. Set some goals, and then go about achieving them. To do this, you might need to take a class, learn a new skill, do some voluntary work or travel. Find suitable ways to de-stress that don’t involve vices like alcohol, drugs, binge eating or anything else that’s going to damage your body. Go to a spa, chat to a friend, have a hot bath or journal as a more healthy and productive way to unwind. Create a calm and serene space in your home where you can retreat to when life gets difficult, whether it’s a beautiful bathroom where you can relax in the tub, a calming bedroom or the ultimate living room where you can dive on the sofa with a blanket and indulge in your favourite Netflix series on the big screen. We’re all expected to work hard in life, and there and endless expectations that we have to meet both professionally and personally. But we need to know when to take time for ourselves, whether it’s taking a mental health day from work or going on a trip for a few days so we can just relax. While there are always going to be times where we have to power through and get things done, be aware of the signs of burnout. Know what works for you to restore the balance when you’re feeling frazzled.


Your friends and relationships

Unfortunately, some people are toxic. They drain us of energy or resources, use us for their personal gain or leave us feeling upset or anxious. In some cases these are the people we love most in the world, which can be really difficult to come to terms with. Whether it’s a friend, partner or family member, if you know a person is toxic then the best thing you can do is to let them go. Of course, it can be worth speaking to them first and trying to resolve things, but if it can’t be done then you need to walk away for your own state of mind. Maybe they control you, patronise or embarrass you, use you as a crutch for their own issues without ever offering anything in return or use you for your money or skills. Whatever it is, toxic people poison our lives. They bring down our mood, make us feel depleted and can even ruin a person whether it’s mentally, financially or physically.


Your finances

Money makes the world go round, and whether your income is large or small you need to be in control of it. Work on getting out of debt, sell things you no longer use to raise money, take on extra shifts at work and tighten the belt on things like luxuries until it’s paid off. Then work on saving, an emergency buffer can give you real peace of mind in case anything goes wrong. Set a budget and stick to it, managing your money correctly helps you to stay in control and without money worries, a weight is really lifted off your shoulders.



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