Should Live Music Be More Important Now Spotify Is On The Scene?

It’d be fair to say that the majority of industries have changed in recent years. Business has gone online, and socialising has turned media. But, few industries have experienced a transformation as extreme as music.

The music world as we know it is no longer. Record stores are struggling to stay open, and more of us are keeping our ‘CD collections’ on our computers. Most new laptops don’t even have a CD drive through which you can upload physical copies anymore. Instead, we buy music direct from the Apple Store. Either that or we pay the subscription fee for a service like Spotify and listen to anything our heart’s desire.

While these changes are fantastic for consumers, they’re not necessarily as good for artists. In the past, it was possible to make your primary income as a musician from physical CD sales. With one-track downloads and unlimited streaming, things couldn’t be more different. While such changes do have some benefits, it’s easy to see why many artists struggle in this climate.

Which begs the question of what we can do to support musicians. With CD sales near enough non-existent, going back isn’t exactly an option. Perhaps a safe alternative, then, would be to put more time and money into live music concerts. Yet, many people resist taking any real moves into the live music scene. We’re going to look at a few of the main reasons why in an attempt to prove concerts can suit anyone.

The tickets are too expensive

There’s no denying that gig tickets can get pricey. Top-selling artists charge top whack for live concerts. But, there are ways around this. Looking out for no fee tickets can bring prices down in a major way. This means doing away with the booking and delivery fees which tip that purchase over the edge. To take prices down further, look out for coupons and discounts wherever possible. It’s also worth noting that some music events are free. Though, bear in mind that these do tend to sell out incredibly quickly!

I don’t have time

Time is always an issue in modern living, but to this, we say rubbish! It’s crucial that we make time for what we love. If music matters to you, you can be sure to find that time somewhere. What’s more, most tickets sell out around a year in advance. So, you have plenty of time to make arrangements.

Live music isn’t my thing

There’s a misconception that music concerts are all mosh pits and noise. And, there’s no denying this is the case for some bands. But, a Celine Dion gig is hardly going to be such a raucous affair. In truth, there are all different types of gigs out there. While a small-scale bar gig will involve getting up close and personal with others in the audience, a stadium event will be more spacious. If you don’t think this is for you, try again and opt for something different. It may well surprise you.


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