• Cowlin Presents: Toucán

    Meet Toucán… Since bustling on to the scene with their debut track ‘Get up’ on Food Music, the House & Bass duo from Kent have been causing quite a stir. Their follow up release ‘Prana’ got snapped up by the […]

  • Style & Substance: Arielle Free

    Ahead of her hosting the main stage at Bestival, XWHY grabs a chat with DJ, Presenter and professional chatterbox Arielle Free. Arielle Free is a woman with many talents and boundless energy. Whether it be rising early in the morning to […]

  • Style & Substance: Linda Harrison

    XWHY bags a chat with songstress and feisty female Linda Harrison. Harrison has 1 million YouTube hits, a fashion line and an album recorded when she was 16 to her name, and collaborations and connections from Cutfather to Perez Hilton. […]

  • Style & Substance: Stephanie Filo Jones

    XWHY interviews Denver Broncos Cheerleader come Film and TV editor Stephanie Filo Jones… Name: Stephanie Filo Jones Location: Los Angeles, California Occupation:  TV/Film Editor Twitter:  @stephaniefilo Let’s just say this: writing a dating profile for Stephanie Filo Jones would not […]

  • Style and Substance: Alexz Johnson

    Musician Alexz Johnson talks through her sniffles about feather-ruffling, wine-drinking and not winding up with her mug on a t-shirt at Target… You might already recognise her face. And what an adorable little face it is. Even with nostrils reddened […]

  • Style and Substance: Daci Gligorova

    Name: Daci Gligorova Age: 19 Location: Melbourne, Australia Blog: Cali4nication Exploring, adventuring and just generally being a free-spirit. Daci in a nutshell. She lives in Australia, travels the world and has plans to study in London… so she’s coming to a […]

  • Women of Sochi – The XWHY Ranking

    Talk about Brits with grit – we’ve got some f***ing amazing girls on the squad this year at Sochi, so let’s check ’em out… Aimee Fuller Age: 22 Discipline: Snowboard Slopestyle Watch Her Space: This treacle is the media darling […]

  • Style and Substance: Kitty Cowell

    Name: Kitty Cowell Location: London, UK No relation to the high-waisted trousers sporting music mogul that introduced to the world the stellar talents of Steve Brookstein and Leon Jackson; London born, Cardiff bred Kitty Cowell is a no nonsense trifecta of […]

  • Style and Substance: Katelyn

    Name: Katelyn Prominski Age: 29 Location: New York City. Or, a hotel room somewhere across the continent of North America. She lives on a national tour, which means home is a different city every week. Katelyn is a dancer. She […]

  • Style and Substance – Storm the DJ

    XWHY speaks to international success and all-round fierce female Storm the DJ about her musical highs, favourite tracks and women in the industry… Firstly, as you will no doubt have noticed, Storm is achingly beautiful. It’s no wonder then, that […]