Setting Up The Perfect Office Party

There will be plenty of reasons you want to celebrate in the office throughout the year. If you are a small team it might be a birthday celebration, if you have done well and scored a huge project this is cause for a party, and even at the end of the year you might feel like your employees deserve a treat. Hosting an office party can be a fun way to get to know your team outside of a work setting and let your hair down together. It can increase employee morale and make people so much happier overall. Here are some of the ways you can make a fun office party this Friday.

Clear a space

First of all you need to find the space where you will host the party. An ideal area for this would be any spare office rooms which you have but don’t use, or it could be a meeting room or boardroom which you can convert into a fun party space for the afternoon. You can also think about using any outdoor area such as a garden if you want to host a summer style soirée.

Make it pretty

The most fun part of setting up a party is the decoration. You can really have some fun here with your office and oaky around with different balloons, confetti, garlands and other small items which can make the party feel fun and bright. If you have never decorated for a party before you can find some great decoration inspiration on Pinterest which will allow you to make a masterpiece and impress everyone who comes to the party in after lunchtime.

Provide some food and drink

No party is complete without providing some food and drink for your guests to enjoy. When it comes to food you can keep things pretty simple with sandwiches, chips and dips and things such as barbecue food if you are having an outdoor celebration. You can provide different drinks for the masses such as using a soft drink wholesale distributors to bring in sodas, and also think about bringing a beer or two for the ride as a special treat. You are all adults so you can be trusted with a couple of beers!

Get the music playing

You can’t set up a party and then not have any music playing in the background. If you want to you can sign up to Spotify and find some fun party playlists once which will bring a fun and fresh vibe to the party and allow everyone to feel as if they are at a party and not at work.

Have fun!

Bring along some games with you to play at the party! You can host an office Olympics of sorts with desk ping pong, mini golf, swivel chair races and other activities and work by depar

tment to see who is the best team in the company. It can be a fun experience for everyone and it is an excuse for people to let go and not worry about making a fool of themselves for a while. When you all come back to work on Monday you will have some hilarious memories to keep and this can be truly amazing.


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