Second Date Ideas That Will Leave Them Wanting More

First dates are great but in general, they’re more likely to be a meet and greet and a kind of…get to know each other session. Once you’ve had your first date, you’ll both immediately know if there is going to be a second date through body language and wanting to see more of each other. If you’re lucky enough to get to a second date with someone, then now is the time to begin thinking about an evening that will wow your date and make them feel like a million dollars. Take a look at these second date ideas that will leave them wanting more!

Go somewhere swanky

One of the best ways of impressing a date is by taking them somewhere super swanky and sophisticated. Why not vamp up the excitement by telling them to dress up nicely, and surprising them with an incredible venue like a rooftop bar with amazing views, or even a candlelit dinner with no one else around? You’ll win mega brownie points and also have an incredible night with someone that you want to know more about. Who knows, it could lead to a third and fourth date!

Give them entertainment

When you’re still feeling the pressure of a new relationship, it can be difficult to know how to entertain your date without it looking like you’re trying too hard. This is where the beauty of entertainment comes in from theatres. Take a look at these great deals from TodayTix to find the perfect venue with the perfect entertainment. If you really want to impress them, try and remember one of their likes from your first date and build the entertainment around that! For example, if they mentioned they like comedy, then choose a funny show to watch and vice versa with all other genres.

Take a moonlit walk

Sometimes, the best way of getting to know each other is by eliminating all distractions from the scene. If you’re lucky enough to live in a scenic area, then why not suggest a packed picnic, a flask of your favourite drinks, and a moonlit walk accompanied by them and a picnic blanket. It’s an incredible way of being able to talk from the heart, and finding out even more about that person. Plus, moonlit walks are super romantic!

Go wine tasting

Or beer tasting…or whiskey tasting! Whatever your date is into, why not book yourselves a drink tasting evening. It’s a fairly inexpensive way of having a fabulous night together, with also the help of a bit of dutch courage from the booze you’re tasting! Pair it with a slap up meal afterwards and you’ll soon be arranging your next few dates with them.

Finally, remember to be yourself at all times. It’s nice to be able to impress your date, but don’t lose track of who you are otherwise you could inadvertently push them away from the idea of another date!


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