Satisfying Self-Employed Careers (That Pay Well)

If you’re sick and tired of the rat race, working for an employer who doesn’t appreciate you for too little compensation and too much stress, there is no reason why you should not at least think about becoming self-employed, More and more people, particular millennials, are realising that working for someone isn’t the only way to have a successful career; freelancing and self-employment are real and valid options for most people in the internet age and anyone can take advantage.

If you’re thinking about throwing in the towel at work and setting up as a self-employed person, here are some of the most satisfying careers, which also pay quite well, for your consideration:


Yes, you really can make money playing video games. What’s the catch? You have to be pretty good at it. If you want to make money by playing video games professionally in tournaments, then you need to be amongst the world’s best players to get sponsorship and earn money from your exploits. There are currently only around 60 professional gamers who earn more than $1000,00 annually, so it isn’t easy. However, if you are able to create entertaining gaming videos for the likes of Youtube and Twitch, you could make enough money each month to give up your day job too.

Consultant Solicitor

Got a law degree? Trained to be a solicitor? Hate the long hours and the pressures that come with such a high-powered job? Instead of throwing your education away by throwing in the towel and pursuing a whole different career path, why not become a consultant solicitor instead? You’ll do much the same work, but you will be self-employed and therefore able to set your own, much more flexible schedule, while still earning a very good salary to boot. You know it makes sense.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few years, you must have noticed that craft beer has soared in popularity, so if you were to set up your own microbrewery and create your own master brews, you could end up with a quite lucrative business. Websites like Kickstarter are fantastic for raising the capital to invest in businesses like this.

Personal Shopper

If shopping is your thing, you’re in love with fashion, or you love to help people to look their best and feel more confident, setting yourself up as a personal shopper is sure to be a satisfying career move. Although the average personal shopper earns just $33,000 some of the best, most established ones earn upwards of $300,000 and there’s no reason why you can’t be amongst them eventually if you work hard and hone your skills. It might help to offer additional services such as image consulting services along with the shopping, too.

Landscape Architect

Love buildings, have a background in design? Work flexibly as a landscape architect and you could earn $60,000+ annually designing local parks, beautiful downtown buildings, dream homes for newlywed couples and so much more besides. How’s that for fulfilment?

Are you self-employed? What do you do?



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