S.Harper Sounds Memorial Festival

This summer witness the birth of the latest, great British festival.

Festivals are started for many reasons, and S.Harper Sounds is no different. Sam Harper Brighouse was just 23 years old when he collapsed and died whilst running the Brighton Marathon. The hole that his death left was not one that could be easily filled, nor should it be. 

Sam a Londoner by birth and an adventurer by spirit had amassed a tremendous collection of friends before his untimely death and it is they that have been at the forefront of the creation of S.Harper Sounds.When his friends and family came together to share stories and memories of Sam, one thing became clear to them all. Sam had lived, and he had lived with a special enjoyment of music and sense of fun. It was this realisation that spurred on the idea of celebrating and remembering Sam and his biggest passion through a Music Festival.

Over the past 12 months they have been meeting, fundraising and liaising with Festival partners such as Hospital Records in order to put on a fitting tribute to Sam in the form of S.Harper Sounds Memorial Festival. The line up announced so far includes: Shadow Child, Kry Wolf & Just Jack.

Sam had been running the marathon for the charity “Arms around the Child” and one of the small rays of light for his family during this dark time was that after his passing was that donations continued to pour in and resulted in over £34,000 in donations for the charity, so it is fitting that they alongside Sam’s former employers Hospital Records are able to partner the festival.

The Festival is 12th-14th September in Somerset and Tickets are available at HERE  


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