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Rothco x Pony Capsule Collection

Rothco and Pony have their cake and eat it…

Collaborations are becoming an increasingly common part of fashion as they are music, with brands trading off each others cachet and cool. The collaboration between Rothco and Pony is no different. Where Rothco brings the stability, trustworthiness and durability (personified by their 90 year old founder Milton Somberg, who classes himself as “Semi-Retired”). Pony provides the cool and attitude, present since their 70s launch. Their collaboration is the sartorial version of having your cake and eating it.

Rothco Pony

Both brands claim New York as their home and their natural affinity is cited as one of the reasons that the collaboration came to fruition. Pony (an acronym for Product of New York) was born out of the world famous Levi’s brand and went on to become a global sports brand with particularly strong ties to Basketball and Football. Rothco, meanwhile, began as a military surplus clothing firm, over 60 years ago, and has continued to clothe outdoor enthusiasts and urban soldiers alike.

Rothco Pony 3

The Collaboration, which is made up of a varsity jackets, boots and backpacks, all with a Military-come-Urban style, has a strong presence of both black and woodland camo detail. Streetwear and creative designers Staple Designs had big part to play in helping design the range and ensuring it had a contemporary feel.

Rothco Pony 4

Here is a lovely film about the marriage of the two brands, featuring the founders of both labels discussing their history and subsequent exclusive collection.

1-2-1 w/jeffstaple ft. Rothco & PONY from PONYeurope on Vimeo.


The collaboration is available HERE.

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