Rick Dove: Austerity – Commuting on Cattle Cars


A s this silent shuffling is building beat,
F orgotten people move onward, undead,
I n pre-selection bias with flattened feats,
N othing is left inside their emptied heads,
A nd they pretend it makes them special race,
L ike angels traced on Jacob’s platform edge,
S o right to be unquestioning in faith,
O n this, and every day, five fruit and veg,
L ike pets this State has made obedient,
U sing this narrowed minded aperture,
T hat pushes out false splinter of content,
I nto the dark, from dark, is now their nature,
O h how I pray, that they could see this hour,
N o false economy will make this, just a shower…


By Rick Dove


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