Review: Sony Walkman NWZ-A15

The return of the Walkman, a classic reborn!

We tested out the New school take on an old classic… the Sony Walkman. We paired the Sony Walkman NWZ-A15 with  Sony MDR-1A headphones and surfed our playlists to see just what all the fuss is about.

The Pros

– Outstanding sound quality of HRA tracks
– An affordable entry level device
– Bluetooth with NFC
– Long battery life

The Cons

– Poor build quality and ease of use
– No touchscreen
– Proprietary cable
– Lacks extra features such as internet connectivity


At £169, the NWZ-A15 is not cheap but it does come with enough quality to justify the price. The Sony NWZ-A15 is equipped with audio technologies that allow you to hear every synth, kick and note crystal clear. The High-resolution audio (HRA) on the new Walkman is responsible for this. HRA is essentially a higer quality format for musical downloads that surpasses the MP3 format that we are used to and provides better than CD quality sound.

The Walkman also has a built-in storage capacity of 16GB that can be increased using the microSDXC memory card slot. alongside this there is FM Radio and built-in Bluetooth 2.1 to allow streaming of music to wireless speakers or headphones and Near Field Communication (NFC) to allow you to pair with wireless speakers or headphones easily.


The difference between this and the initial carnation of the walkman is in the feel of the body. Unlike it’s predicessor this Walkman although light feels less sturdy than you would hope and there is definitely the feeling that it would be more susceptible to every day knocks and drops.


For some reason Sony have decided to go with a proprietary cable rather than the now standard mini usb, which you have to use for both charging and data transfer. It’s frustrating and a bit of a backwards step but essentially does not effect it’s use too much.

Summary 3.5/5

The Sony Walkman is not here to be a challenger to the ipod touch, it is here as an entry level choice for those who really care for high quality sound. As long as it is teamed with decent quality headphones as well it will not disappoint. Music is crisp and you are able to appreciate the full range of sound.

If you love music and want something to use rather than draining your phone battery then this is perfect for every day use or for those that find themselves travelling frequently due to it’s small size and long battery life.




BATTERY LIFE – CONTINUOUS PLAYBACK MUSIC 30 hours (Hi-Res Audio), 50 hours (MP3)



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