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Review: Crazy, Sexy, Cool – Bipolar Sunshine @ Electrowerkz

Wednesday, November 20

On what felt like one of the coldest nights of the year, rather than going home and pumping the central heating up to “Roasting”, I found myself making my way to Electrowerkz in Angel (via a pub – obviously). I say “found myself” – this had actually been in the diary for some time, but the weather and the gig that followed had something of a dreamlike quality, which took the purposefulness out of the evening. Cue Adio Marchant and his band of merry men.

Adio Marchant may be a familiar name to some of you – the singer has already received some recognition whilst fronting the now defunct Manchester based band KiD BRiTiSH. His new Solo project is of course different, but his smooth as f*ck vibe remains unfettered and identifiable.


Having missed Bipolar Sunshine’s performance at Latitude due to London Traffic and poor timekeeping I was, quite frankly, gagging for it. As I walked in to the venue, the first thing that struck me was the incredible number of attractive people that had gathered to watch this performance. Take note singletons, drop Tinder and head to a BS gig. The crowd quickly quietened down, the band walked on. It was time…

My heart was won before a single note ventured forth – their drummer was sporting one of the most impressive high tops I’ve seen this side of the 90s. Marchant, the man himself, was the last on stage and to some fanfare. He’s a man that has confidence and swagger coming out of every pore. From his foliage inspired shirt to his quiffy hair, he is a vision of frontman chic.

 bipolar sunshineCredit: SeeBeyondGenre.Com


As Biploar strolled their way through the funk-indie-soul set list of songs from their recent EPs, it struck me that the singing along (honestly, it was like watching teen girls at an early Robbie Williams concert) wasn’t purely down to the catchiness of tracks like  ‘Rivers’, but something to do with Marchant’s peculiarly good tone.

His range is incredible. So incredible that it inspires everyone to give it a go. They fall short, unsurprisingly, but the effect is quite special. It shirks the too cool for school vibe in favour of cult-like appreciation. Meaning that BP are able to build to a fairly staggering crescendo with recent radio fodder ‘Fire’.


Standing there, two people. no talking just…” Faultless.


The last track of the night leaves the crowd in a haze of stoned contentment and the room begins to empty. The perfect end to a perfect night. As if the above hadn’t made it clear already, we all need a bit of Sunshine.

You can Follow Bipolar Sunshine HERE and for those interested in the total hero of a drummer, have a look HERE

WORDS: Michael Thomas


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