Reach New Office Heights With A Reception Area Ready To Wow Waiting Clients

When it comes to office decor, the majority of us focus on making the space inspirational for our teams. And, that’s undeniably essential. If your staff don’t like the area they’re working in, that displeasure will soon start to show in their work. As such, happy office decor = happy business all around.

Or, does it? It might be naive to assume it’s only your staff you need to keep happy. The majority of businesses invite customers into their commercial space at some stage. And, as much as the wrong decor can kill creativity, it can also lose you customers pretty fast. For the most part, the decoration you put in place for your staff should have you covered here. You know the drill; bright space, plants to add colour. It’s basic stuff. But, there’s one area which doesn’t matter much to staff, yet has HUGE impact when it comes to clients.

We are, of course, talking about your reception area. The chances are you and your team spend next to no time here. Hence, it’s easy to let this space fall into disrepair. But, when you do start inviting clients to your office, this is the first impression they’ll get. It’s also likely where they’ll wait. So, you could say getting this right is a big deal. Obviously, you’ll want to decorate in keeping with the rest of your office. You may also want to incorporate the following crucial elements.

A comfortable sofa

Sometimes, businesses make the mistake of opting for cheap plastic chairs. They’re sleek and easy to maintain. But, have you tried to sit on one? It’s like sitting on concrete. And, if clients have a sore backside by the time you get to them, things aren’t going to go well. They’ll be grumpy before you start. By comparison, someone who gets to wait on a comfortable sofa will feel chill and open to offers. At least, that’s the hope…

Art to show your values

Any art you choose to display in your reception area can capture the attention of waiting clients. Pick well, and this will reveal you as a creative and cultured company. You could even go all out here by working with a company who commission office art. That way, you can ensure you have unique pieces which reflect who you are as a company. You could even ask for artists to include your motto somewhere within the work. What better way to start feeding your message to your clients?

Tea and coffee

The good old tea and coffee facilities. You’ve got to love them, haven’t you? Give your clients the chance to love them as well, by putting both these into your reception area. A coffee machine and a few tea bags won’t set you back much. But, they can ensure a client gets on and fills the time during which they have to wait. Provide a few packaged biscuits here, and you might as well sign that contract before deliberations even begin!


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