XWHY Style: Raregoods.co interview.

Raregoods.co is the latest indie British streetwear brand to come to our attention over here at XWHY Towers. Launched in late 2013 the brand was born out of a friendship between the two co-creaters Alex and Joe who have a history of designing for high street labels. The creates a label in an effort to produce a product that represented themselves, British Music and Culture and Raregoods.co was born.

We caught up with Alex, the prettier half (allegedly) of the Raregoods team to chat about past, present and future of Raregoods.co and peruse some of their latest design fresh off the press…



What made you realise you two could work together to create a brand?

Me and Joe have been good mates for a while now. We met working together at a big brand, but like all good friendships it mainly consisted of us sharing ideas and meeting friends down our local and a few choice clubs.

What’s the creative process that you go through when starting on a new design?

Between the two of us we design and direct every part of Raregoods.co, from the graphics that end up on our tee’s to the photos that we blog about at www.raregoods.co I don’t think we’d want it any other way, every aspect of the brand is important to us.


Where do you get your designs manufactured ? is production in the UK now prohibitively expensive for a start up?

All of our tee’s are hand printed and finished in the UK. It’s very important for us to know where our products come from and that the product is sustainable for all involved. Manufacturing and more importantly the mindset of people in the UK is starting to change for the better. People are starting to understand and appreciate what quality is within clothing again. 50 years ago, buying off the peg wasn’t an option, which gave people a better understanding of what they were buying and what quality was. Now the high street has dominated the UK fashion chain, but things are changing, and that’s better for everyone.

How important do you think social media is, when it comes to business growth? do you have a favourite?

It’s a huge resource, that 10 years ago just wasn’t in place. It’s an instant way to get yourself, your product, whatever it is out there for, potentially, anyone in the world to see. But equally it’s still only a communication tool, it’s how you use this, and in the garment industry how you communicate your product to people.

You can’t be seen on every social network going but you have to cover your bases. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr!


Is there anyone you would really love to see wearing your stuff?

We like to think we appeal to an open minded, fun and social crowd. The brand has a strong club culture image for sure, some of our clients include dj’s such as Skream, Erol Alkan as well as Jaymo & Andy George. Defo UK club friendly streetwear that we and our mates wear.

Have you seen sales in any countries that have come as a surprise to you?

That’s the great thing about being online, your exposure is limitless. One of our 1st online sales was to a guy in the states. A friend of his had mentioned us, and he loved the prints. It’s always nice to sell to customers in the states where streetwear brands are so much bigger than they are in the UK.


Not in a sexual way but what are you wearing today?

Ha, well I’ve just come back from my travels in Hong Kong, so I’m wearing a new beams 20 oz raw indigo selvedge jeans (Porter Korean cow hide wallet in my back pocket), my chuck taylor ox blood converse trainers and our brand new ‘drummer boy’ cotton tee.

Collaborations are becoming just as a big a part of fashion as they are music, what do you think of the trend?

I think if there is genuinely something you can say better as a collaboration than on your own then crack on. We’d be all over doing a collaboration within the clothing/music world. Someone like Skream or Seth Troxler, both at the top of their game whilst having a laugh doing it.


Quickfire Questions

What will you name you first born?

Er not sure, probs not Raregoods.

Who should we follow on twitter?

…..Us, come check out our blog.

Chicken Shop or Nandos?

Nandos if I had to.

Bagel or burrito ?

Depends on what meal, but probs burrito.

If you could have any accent in the world what would you chose?

 Dath, got to be Dath.

Beards or tattoos?

Tatt’s, Joe covered in ‘em.

Next holiday destination?

Argentina, a week of good steaks and red wine.

Favourite Ninja Turtle?

Not sure, but Splinter was the hardest.

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