Queer as Folk: Ernst & Young Rebranding Bungle

Most companies – be it to re-boot after a lawsuit, to avoid unflattering connotations or to be more down wit da kidz – will, at some stage, have a go at rebranding.

Remember when Norwich Union became Aviva? Better yet, when Old Spice went from cheap and tacky to viral sensation.

You’d have thought that Ernst and Young, as one of the Big Four professional services and accountancy firms, would have had the wherewithal to send at least one bumbling intern off to do a Google search, prior to investing a lot of time, money and manpower into rebranding as EY.

A couple of mouse-clicks later and it’s clear as day that a much more prestigious enterprise has been conservator of this particular moniker for some time.


Ernst and Young are so down wit da kidz that they’ve gone and associated themselves with strip-happy Spanish homosexual teenagers. Winning.


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