Pope Turns “Bishop of Bling”‘s Mansion Into Soup Kitchen

We didn’t think we’d ever utter words to this effect, but we kinda love Liberal Pope!

It may all be a clever ruse to fool non-Catholics and Vatican-objectors into quiet concession, but does it really matter? So long as Pop Francis is converting kiddy fiddling into helping the needy, perhaps it’s not of much consequence who else gets converted along the way…

He shunned the Papal apartment for something more modest, he’s auctioned off his Harley-Davidson (yes, we know) and he’s even been phoning random Italian women to counsel them about their shitty boyfriends and letting little boys disrupt his speeches for a go on his throne.

Vatican Pope Child on Stage

Liberal Pope’s latest lesson in benevolence is to address the issue of much castigated German Bishop Franz Peter Tebartz-van Elst – not-so-lovingly dubbed the “Bishop of Bling” for his having spent £26.5m renovating his mansion in Limburg – by taking his ostentatious dwelling away from him and turning it into a soup kitchen for the homeless. Um, yeah, okay.


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