Pirates of Gullible Island

It’s hard to believe that people are this stupid. But, then again, evidence of the human population’s catastrophic idiocy mounts daily, so we shouldn’t be so surprised.

The Belgian authorities have captured themselves a pirate. And not just any old pirate, this one happens to be “one of the most important and infamous kingpin pirate leaders”  to have ever walked the balmy shores of Belgium.

Somali pirate XWHY Magazine

For any of you who have seen the movie Argo , you’ll be familiar with the “film-maker coup”…or not, actually, as that’s a term we’ve just coined. The premise, though, is to create the semblance of a film production, in order to hide another motive. Argo sees a bunch of Americans pretending to be a science-fiction film crew in order to exfiltrate six escaped hostages from Iran. Ignoring the ethnic stereotyping and cloying American nationalism, it is actually quite a neat idea.

Well, neat enough an idea for someone to try it again!

The Belgian government managed to secure the arrest of Mohamed Abdi Hassan, the Somali responsible for some fairly major hijackings, by convincing him he was to become part of a big budget film about pirates!

Hassan, along with an accomplice known as Tiiceey were both arrested on Saturday.

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