Photography: Benjamin Von Wong’s Underwater River

Ballantine’s Presents Benjamin Von Wong’s Underwater River

In late May, Ballantine’s Scotch whisky and ‘hyper-real’ photographer Benjamin Von Wong journeyed to Tulum, Mexico with a team of 35 to participate in a unique, experimental underwater photographic project. Benjamin Von Wong’s Underwater River details how Ballantine’s and the photographer turned a cenote” in the depths of the Mexican jungle into his latest shoot location. The result; a set of stunning and seemingly impossible underwater images shot deep down above a bed of deadly hydrogen sulphide.
Von Wong, manages to create some of the most unreal, real photos you’re likely to see. Using both the natural hidden studio that is the underwater river and some man placed subjects to hypnotic effect.

Ballantine's Presents Benjamin Von Wong's Underwater River - Hero Image

The film features a record-breaking free diver, taxidermy cormorant, 20 strong dive crew and a toxic underwater river – all at 30m deep. With the behind the scenes video takes you through the incredible process that leads to such powerful and humbling imagery that leaves you asking… but how?


Benjamin’s blog on the project and how it was achieved can be found at

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