• Hear This: Mallory Knox – Black Holes

    Mallory Knox have released their first single as a four-piece, following the news that vocalist Mikey Chapman had departed the band last week. ‘Black Holes’ sees bassist Sam Douglas step up to vocal duties. He says in relation to ‘Black […]

  • Hear This: Brunetto ft Bearoid – Humanity

    It is AFFKT‘s Sincopat imprint who has managed to convince Brunetto to break his musical silence since his highly acclaimed album “Sheroine” (Irregular, 2014). Brunetto’s new single titled “Humanity” (feat. Bearoid), produced with special care and attention to detail, combines […]


      Earlier this week we headed to East London for the Launch of the Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music: Hybrid Sounds. The partnership between Boiler Room and Ballantine’s is in it’s third year and this year they will be […]

  • 5 Iconic Bands Still Rocking Today

    The vast majority of bands only have a short lifespan, burning brightly for a couple of years before fading away again into obscurity. When you see classic groups up on stage headlining festivals and selling out arenas after decades, you […]

  • Dave – Question Time

    Let me introduce you to Dave. Dave is 19 years old. Dave lives in London. Dave is also known as Santan Dave. Dave is a Rapper. and Dave has some questions…  

  • XWHY MUSIC: Mick Jagger – England Lost

    Well Mick Jagger has confirmed that he’s still alive by releasing a new track called “England Lost”. It’s taken me a while to post about it purely because I was in a state of confusion. I’ve spent the last few […]

  • Fred Perry X 100 Club

      Fred Perry announce their partnership with the UKs longest-standing independent live music venue, The 100 Club. Since opening in 1942, The 100 Club has championed all music scenes from blues and punk, to reggae and Britpop–and everything in between. […]

  • Mic Lowry – Whiskey Kisses

    Mic Lowry are looking at taking on the world this year and the fun loving Scouse band are taking steps towards pop recognition with their follow up to last years “Oh Lord”, with their latest release “Whiskey Kisses”. The dancehall inspired track is […]

  • A taste of the newly renovated Jameson Bow St Distillery

      The Old Jameson Distillery in Dublin’s Smithsfield closed last August and Jameson has been busy renovating the historic building that reopened its doors just in time for St Patrick’s Day. With a passion to produce Ireland’s highest quality whiskey, […]

  • XWHY Music: Stormzy shows us why 2017 is his year, at BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

      Before he released his debut album, I’m not sure any of us really knew who Stormzy was. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way, more that I’m sure most of us had presumed that he was going to […]