Origami Vs Latex – Condom Warfare

Condoms are great, but they also totally suck.

They protect you against HIV, weepy, open herpes sores (as long as they’re on the shaft and not the general groin area, obviously) and arguably most importantly, a lifetime’s worth of child support payments.

But we all know that they are fiddly to get on and, as much as we don’t always admit it, they can curb your sensation significantly – especially if you are ultra-paranoid and using the Durex “extra-safe” version, which are about as thick as a sheep’s gallbladder.

Luckily, as protection methods are so in demand, clever inventor people are always developing new ideas.

Check out the Origami barrier method – it’s weird, but interesting:

ORIGAMI vs. Latex Condom from ORIGAMI Condoms on Vimeo.

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