Office Misery Starts With A Dark Room. Fact.

Let’s get one thing straight: your office needs to celebrate a sunny disposition. Literally. We mean that literally. It doesn’t matter how superheroish your employees may be, how good you are at motivating those around you or how good you are at picking the pieces of tech that will make people’s lives easier – if your office is a cube or artificial light, then you, and everyone around you, is going to feel more miserable than the people working in Trump’s Oval Office.

Productivity, positivity, optimism, happiness, well-being, health and happiness; it all thrives off natural light. Of course, you already knew this, didn’t you? Deep down, you knew it. The difference is, you’ve just been confronted by the realities of why it’s so darn important and now, yup, you’re going to be tickled into action by our top tips on how you can cast some more natural light into your space:

  1. Mirror Mirror, On the Wall

In case you missed every science class at school, mirrors reflect light, which means the more mirrors you have in your space the lighter it will look and feel. Our advice: pop some snazzy mirrors up opposite your windows and glass doors and, if possible, get your hands on furnishings that are either made of mirror, glass or perspex. Happiness levels are now set to go boom.

  1. Ditch The Door

The whole ‘open door policy’ thing boasts a tribe of benefits, all of which you, the entrepreneur, should embrace. It will promote transparency (which will boost morale and productivity) and it will invite light to explode into a space (which will also boost morale and productivity). If you’re worried about your utility bill going up faster than a SpaceX rocket, you can try PVC curtains in your interior doors and go all industrial chic, or you could just hang some classic transparent doors made from glass. Whichever takes your fancy.

  1. Play With Paints

We’ve got another quick science lesson for you: lighter colours reflect more sunlight better than dark ones, and the reason we’re telling you this is to encourage you to get painting. White, Magnolia, light grey, duck egg blue, pale green, anything of that ilk. Actually, go with pale green; as a colour, it gets people’s creative juices flowing more than any other.

4.Don’t Do it With Drapes

At least, not heavy ones. Instead, if you have to use curtains or anything like that, which you probably will, then make sure you embrace the lighter shades and colours and, most importantly of all, textures and fabrics. You don’t want to have ultra-violet curtains made out of velvet, even if it is the Pantone colour of the year. They’ll just bring the room down; they’ll make it feel darker and smaller. Instead, go for light colours and cotton or linen drapes instead.

  1. Don’t Forget The Flooring

Yeah, come on, you know how it goes; flooring can be turned into a light reflecting surface too. It’s just a matter of polishing it or choosing to have your dark wood replaced with lighter planks or getting ceramic stone laid or whatever. Just, don’t forget this is an option, okay.


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