No One Is Born Organised, They Learn it

In the same way no one is born prejudices, no one is born organised. They aren’t. They may well have developed some crazy slick organisational skills at an early age, but they still had to learn them. They had to step out of their day to day norms and cultivate those habits. But it was worth it because it ain’t the meek who will inherit the world, it is the organised.

With that in mind, there is one slightly swelling question that you no doubt want answering: “what habits do I need to check my life and my career, get it back in order and then keep it that way?”

Well, not wanting to keep you in disarray for any longer than we have to, we’ve pulled together a list of everything you need to know.

  1. Use A Pen/Keyboard

Despite the fact you keep telling yourself it’s a memory thing and that your best mates have a better memory than you, the secret is actually more about writing things down. A pad of paper, a Filofax, your phone or tablet; where you write isn’t the issue, it is getting into the habit of doing it.

  1. Know The Future

The more you know what lays ahead the more organised you can be. It’s knowing things like what your schedule looks like and what deadlines might be set to pounce. Knowing this allows you to be way better organised, whether that’s in a work context or strictly casual.

  1. Everything Has A Place

Once again, it doesn’t matter whether this is something you need to take into your personal or professional life, everything has a place and it needs to go there. Even you don’t have space for certain things, that is what services like are there for. There are no excuses to be had on the “give it a home” front and that’s because once you know where something is it becomes a whole lot easier to find it.

  1. Bye-Bye Procrastination

A huge part of organising yourself is getting things done snappy, which is why you need to do away with procrastinating. If it’s something like you automatically open a browser on your laptop and type in the word Facebook without meaning to, then you need ColdTurkey from If it’s just you would rather kick back on the sofa than take on your to-do list then you need to address your attitude. Getting things done now means there will be less panic and stress later. Simple.

  1. Do The Decluttering

Every week, you need to set aside an hour or so to decluttering. You need to set aside to make sense of your desk again, your filing cabinet, your business, the piles of clothes on your bedroom chair and your life in general. The more clutter, the more mess, and the more mess the more stress you’ll have to battle against as well as not knowing where things are. Clutter is like the Lex Luther of the organisational world, as dramatic as that may sound.



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