Nishika 35MM N8000 3-D Camera

As lomography goes, we’re a bit tired of seeing the Urban-Outfitters-touted Diana camera everywhere you look. Not to get snobby about it or anything, obviously, but there are just so many other variations out there, which will produce different and more interesting images.

If anyone’s every been allowed near a Hasselblad, you’ll know the value of the analog photography.

It might be a bit naff to get childishly excited over an old “3D” cam, but who cares, we’re excited, deal with it.

The Nishika 35MM N8000 3-D Camera is a fantastic piece of ’80s design. The camera takes four photos at the same time, from four slightly different angles, using a 30mm Quadra Lens System. The set of four images would then be passed through a process called “lenticular printing” – the idea was to create 3D pictures that could be viewed without glasses.

We’ve found a couple of these fun little devices on AMAZON or here at 3D STEREO




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