Nine Simple Ways to Get Your Garden Ready for the Summer

If you can’t wait for the summer to arrive, and would like to get ready for outdoor parties as soon as the frost is gone, it might be a good idea to start planning your Spring/Summer garden as soon as possible. From making sure that you give your outdoor space justice to decoration, there are plenty of things to take care of in just a few months. Below you will find nine simple ways of getting your garden ready for the arrival of the warmer weather, and making the most out of the summer months this year.

      1. Declutter

If you still have pots with dead plants, or filled with low quality soil left outside, it might be time to get rid of them. In the winter they are more likely to break and lose their color, so take them indoors if they can be rescued, and bin them if they need replacing. Broken chairs need to be removed, ready for the arrival of your new patio set for the spring. Anything that doesn’t improve the look of your garden needs to go, so you can start planning your summer parties with a clear slate. Declutter your garden to free up space for something new and beautiful.

     2. Paint

In the winter, fence panels, gates, and garden furniture tend to lose their shine and color. You can choose a bright and dry winter or spring day to get the paint out from the garage and give your summer room, decking, and chairs a lick of paint. Don’t forget to remove all the residue and clean your furniture before applying your paint, as in the cold weather it will be more likely to show up underneath, due to the longer time paint takes to dry.

       3. Wash

If you have concrete or stone surfaces, it might be a good time to wash them using a Pressure washer. Get rid of dust, small stones, and moss that built up on the surface. If you live in a climate where the winter is extremely wet, you might find that the patio stone and concrete surfaces have turned grey and red. You might want to use a solvent to remove the residue, so your outdoor space looks as if it was just completed yesterday.

        4. Plant

Before the Spring arrives, you might want to get some early bulbs and plant them in the flower bed. If you would like to add extra color, you might even get some bulbs in a planter and place it by the back door or on the patio. This way, your garden can look summery and colorful as soon as possible. If you don’t want to keep on changing your plants in your large pots outside, you might get some evergreen shrubs and bushes to fill them.

         5. Fix

Make sure you fix everything that is broken in your garden, such as fence panels, benches, and pergolas. If you are lucky enough to have a garage, you might take them inside and give them the well-deserved wood treatment that will protect them from the sun’s heat and changing temperatures. Fix the chairs and benches, get them ready to be installed again in time for the first garden party.

         6. Add Color

In the winter, you might have already got used to a garden that looks dark, gray, and dull. To get it back to its summer-self, you might want to add color to your outdoors. From flowering shrubs to colorful plants, painting your fence and gate, and installing garden decoration, there are several ways to enhance your garden’s appearance. Paint your chairs and outdoor furniture a bright, summery color, or decorate the walls with summer scenes. You might even add decorative tiles to your patio, to spruce up the look of your seating area.

          7. Add Lights

The next step of making your outdoors look more summery is to add some solar lights that will make it look nostalgic and stylish on dark nights. From string lights around your patio or on your bushes, to large outdoor standing lamps that use solar energy and give out heat, there are several designs you can choose from. Color-changing outdoor mood lights are also great for enhancing your outdoor living experience.

          8. Create A Unique Space

Without a cozy corner in your garden where you can spend a few hours reading or listening to music, your garden cannot be complete. Whether you want to install a corner seating area where you can get close to nature, and away from the house, or a water feature that calms your nerves whenever you seek tranquility, you must have a corner in the garden that is private and you can call yours. From a hedged away hideaway to a bench under the pergolas; you can implement several creative designs to make sure you always have a way of escaping to nature.

          9. Create A Shaded Area


While a sunny garden can be a blessing in the winter, in the summer heat you might not want to sit in the sunshine all day. From a potted screen that gives you shade on the patio from all angles, to hang drapes, and even vertical gardens, gazebos, pergolas over your seating area, you can implement several ideas to give you shade. If you are looking for a more flexible solution, you can install remote control sun shades, Tiki umbrellas, movable cabanas, you have plenty of options to choose from, according to the size of your garden and budget.


When the long winter days strike, most of us simply can’t wait to get ready for the summer and enjoy a few barbecue parties with our friends. It is never too early to start planning your garden design for the Spring and Summer, and get creative. Embarking on a DIY project will get you in a better mood, and keep you busy, so the time until the Summer Solstice will pass faster. Declutter, decorate, and fix your garden ornaments, and you can enjoy a great summer making the most out of your outdoor space.


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