In Brief
  • Doncaster Rovers sign One Direction’s Louis

    In a bizarre turn of events, Doncaster Rovers have signed Louis Tomlinson, of One Direction fame, to play for their development side at some point this season. Picture the scene: sitting up in bed on your average thursday morning and […]

  • Facial Recognition Consumerism – Fifth Element World

    For those of you that remember anything other than Milla Jovovich’s all-but-naked body in 1997 Sci Fi thriller The Fifth Element, you might recall their pretty laughable portrayal of the twenty-third century future. We’ll give them the flying cars – they’ve […]

  • Origami Vs Latex – Condom Warfare

    Condoms are great, but they also totally suck. They protect you against HIV, weepy, open herpes sores (as long as they’re on the shaft and not the general groin area, obviously) and arguably most importantly, a lifetime’s worth of child […]

  • Queer as Folk: Ernst & Young Rebranding Bungle

    Most companies – be it to re-boot after a lawsuit, to avoid unflattering connotations or to be more down wit da kidz – will, at some stage, have a go at rebranding. Remember when Norwich Union became Aviva? Better yet, […]

  • No More Royal Babies: Another Kind of Pushing

    As the world descends into blubbering, incoherent madness over the Duchess of Cambridge squeezing out a small, short-sighted, potato-like creature who will, one day, maybe become King, we’ve decided to focus on another sort of pushing altogether. If you’ve ever […]

  • Tech News: An Honest Big Brother

    Reeling from Edward Snowden’s revelations, as a collective Western society, we aren’t too sure whether to be impressed by the American (and presumably British) governments’ spying capabilities – after all, it’s fairly extraordinary to discover such a reach and penetration […]

  • News or Not: Bloodied Images of Boston Bomber

    It is always an interesting conundrum. What qualifies as newsworthy, as opposed to what appeals to morbid fascination, but which we don’t necessarily need to see? This is where there is an interesting division, within the news and journalism industry, […]

  • Martinez Appointed Everton Manager

    The 39-year-old Spaniard, Roberto Martinez, has long been the favourite to take over from David Moyes as manager at Everton Football Club. He wasn’t entirely a shoe-in for the role though. Despite winning the FA Cup, in his position as […]

  • Syrian Army Retakes Qusair

    The civil war in Syria rages on, well into its second year. With regular to-ing and fro-ing between rebel forces and regime-supporters, it’s hard to keep on top of what seems to be a fairly fluid, and yet somehow still […]