In Brief
  • Heisenberg? Blue Meth Fools Junkies

    It was only a matter of time. According to Kevin Abar of Homeland Security in America, certain suburbs of Albuquerque have started seeing the circulation of the methamphetamine drug in a dyed blue form, the trademark of Heisenberg and Jesse […]

  • Lord Hurd: Dropping this ‘Ludicrous’ Feminism Stuff

    Another Tory MP misses the point completely… Apparently this feminism thing is getting a bit “ludicrous”, according to, yes, you guessed it, an elderly male peer. Lord Hurd, who experienced his political hey day in the 18th century, has suggested […]

  • Bitstrips Secures $3m investment. WHYYYYY?

    Do we really need to spell these out to you? They’re so moronic and pedestrian, we’d rather not give them explanation or airtime. If you’ve seriously missed the concept, to Wikipedia with you… The only explanation you really need, though, […]

  • Channing Tatum Parodies Van Damme. It’s Not Funny

    American stripper-turned-actor and receiver of many postal deliveries of women’s underwear Channing Tatum has gone and done a parody of THAT Van Damme splits video. We all love a good zero to hero story, and Channing Tatum is an okay […]

  • BBC Renews American Enthusiasm for God

    Turning a few more Americans in a Godwardly direction doesn’t sound like too hard a task, we just didn’t think it would be a British paragon of science and the natural world that would do it… In a bizarre turn […]

  • Apple’s Gag Order and It’s Government Information Requests

    Apple has decided to fight (although not strictly transgress, obviously) the “gag order” placed on it by the US Government to prevent particular details of their information requests becoming public. The tech giant has published a certain amount of information […]

  • Pope Turns “Bishop of Bling”‘s Mansion Into Soup Kitchen

    We didn’t think we’d ever utter words to this effect, but we kinda love Liberal Pope! It may all be a clever ruse to fool non-Catholics and Vatican-objectors into quiet concession, but does it really matter? So long as Pop […]

  • A Call to Arms against Photographer Terry Richardson

    Terry Richardson has got to be one of the most controversial photographers enjoying current popularity. The irony of this, though, is that many would argue his work is neither boundary pushing, nor worthy of any particular acclaim for its aesthetics. […]

  • Same Sex Marriage Legalised in New Jersey

    Slowly, but surely, the world is catching up… As of this morning, same sex marriage has been declared legal in the American state of New Jersey, making it the 14th state to make the change. And of course, with plenty […]

  • Pirates of Gullible Island

    It’s hard to believe that people are this stupid. But, then again, evidence of the human population’s catastrophic idiocy mounts daily, so we shouldn’t be so surprised. The Belgian authorities have captured themselves a pirate. And not just any old […]