In Brief
  • Recap: A Day at London Collections: Men

    Last weekend we popped down to some of the shows and showrooms at London Collections: Men as the fashionistas descended on London to create a stylish “Bermuda Triangle”, with Holborn, Tottenham Court Road and Covent Garden making up it’s three points. We were […]

  • XWHY Music: Dems – Muscle Memory

    After drip feeding us new tracks and visuals over the last two years the South London trio that go by the name of Dems have finally released their debut album “Muscle Memory”.  The 10 track LP includes well known track […]

  • S.Harper Sounds Memorial Festival

    This summer witness the birth of the latest, great British festival. Festivals are started for many reasons, and S.Harper Sounds is no different. Sam Harper Brighouse was just 23 years old when he collapsed and died whilst running the Brighton Marathon. The hole […]

  • Black Teenager Wins At Ivy League Acceptance, Racism Abounds

    You’ve probably seen the story already – the post showing the essay that got him accepted into every single Ivy League university in America has been doing the rounds on Facebook, Twitter and beyond… The post made it to Reddit […]

  • NBA Donates Sales of Jason Collins’ Jersey to LGBT Groups

    Well this is quite refreshing isn’t it… First we’ve got Jason Collins of the Brooklyn Nets coming out, and being the first NBA player, actually the first major league player in any mainstream American sport, to do so in a […]

  • Wingman App – Mile High Club Just Got Less Exclusive

    An app to forge mid-flight hook-ups in tiny little bathrooms…fun?! The Wingman app is essentially the same as Tinder, except that it’s more overtly sexual (if that’s possible) and facilitates an encounter in a tiny bathroom, in a tin can, […]

  • Summer 2014 – You’ll HAVE to Take Your Clothes off to Have a Good Time

    Summer 2014 to be ‘the hottest on record’ Well, they say this every bleedin’ year don’t they. But with the last few months ranking at ‘slit your wrists’ on the miserable scale, perhaps the tears of a thousand flooded suburbians […]

  • AskMen’s Top 99 Most Desirable Women a Farce

    AskMen makes dubious editorial decision to boot Miley Cyrus to the bottom of their list…ignoring reader polls. The rhetoric of AskMen’s recent Top 99 Most ‘Desirable’ Women reader poll is certainly more 21st Century than that some of it’s counterparts. […]

  • Flappy Bird – Killing Brain Cells at the Tap of a Touchscreen

    Hailed as the new Angry Birds, Flappy Bird has just become the most downloaded app of January 2014. This makes us want to vomit in a bush and throw our smartphones out the window… As if we needed any more […]

  • Edward Snowden Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

    Two Norwegian politicians have suggested that whistleblower Edward Snowden has made the world “more stable and peaceful.” He’s been a figure of much contention has our Mr Snowden. As you well know, unless you’ve been hiding under a stone, the […]