New Year Resolutions For Your Business

At the end of every year, we talk about new year resolutions and tell friends and family we are finally going to give up smoking and take up running in order to shed those pounds in the new year. Whilst it is great that you set objectives in order to improve yourself, have you thought about your business needs? Surely your entrepreneurial venture also needs tending to?

Whether this is at the initial stages or it is a more established start up, no doubt it will still need some attention to ensure business is running smoothly. Here is the New Year Resolution Guide to your business.

Invest in a Business Developer

Since you set up your company, you have been the person responsible for attaining new business and are so involved in the workings of your startup that you forgot the last time you allowed anyone near your emails or delegated on the important task of recruiting candidates for specific jobs. Running a business is very similar to living life: from time to time, we all need to take the back seat and let others do the job. You might view your business like your baby and this is perfectly healthy, as long as you have not started buying nappies for it, that is, but you also need to learn to delegate properly. If you would like to focus on what it is that you set up your business to do and feel like you have less time to deal with tasks like recruitment, business attainment and competition entering, then it is time to hire a business developer.

Get IT support

You have probably never heard of a business whose information technology system has remained healthy throughout the lifespan of the company. With IT, there are always things that can go wrong, from faulty wifi connections to difficulties starting a PC. Many company managers overlook this fact and fail to hire the services of IT professionals in time, this resulting in these bosses being overcharged and often not finding the help they are looking for due to the lack of experience or professionalism of the IT support company contacted to do the job. A US study that was carried out last year concluded that the average company employee spends an average of 22 minutes every day dealing with some sort of IT issue. Whilst this might not appear to be a large amount, if added, the total is over 95 hours per year and this should be a reason to be concerned and do something about it. IT support companies will help you fix the most puzzling problems and will even teach your employees best practice in all things computer-related.

Schedule appraisal meetings with your employees

Your team is spectacular and has been over performing ever since you got every candidate through the door. Your employees are happy with their colleagues and love what they do but they are unsure of your satisfaction levels with their performance due to the fact they have simply never heard it from you directly. Are you happy with the way your team has been performing? Tell them. Appraisal processes are central to performance management and without these it will be easier for your employees to become demoralised and lack motivation when completing future tasks. If your employees are working to the required standard and you think they should be rewarded with bonuses and/or time off for their high achievements, then you should ensure you schedule in appraisal meetings with them one-on-one and discuss their performance.


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